Is there anything better than a Frappuccino in the summer? Or, for those chilly mornings or afternoons when you need a pick-me-up?

This salted caramel mocha Frappuccino is not only delicious, but it’s also super easy to make.

You don’t need any special equipment or ingredients – just a blender and some basic supplies.

So if you’re looking for a quick and refreshing treat, this recipe is perfect for you! Plus, it’s much cheaper than buying one from Starbucks. So give it a try today!

What is a salted caramel mocha Frappuccino?

A salted caramel mocha Frappuccino is a coffee-based beverage made with espresso, milk, mocha sauce, toffee nut syrup, and ice. It is then blended together and topped with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and sea salt.

This tasty Frappuccino uses so many delicious flavors that it will turn into one perfectly balanced drink.

You can adjust the ingredient to your taste depending on the flavor you’re looking for. More on this below.

Tip: This Frappuccino recipe uses the same base mentioned in this in-depth article. If this is your first time making a Frappuccino at home, I suggest reading that article first.

Which ingredients are needed for this recipe?

You’ll need quite a lot of ingredients to make this salted caramel mocha Frappuccino. However, you might have most, if not all, ingredients at home.

There are also many ingredients that you can use for different coffee recipes, so if you like testing out different coffee recipes at home, you’ll also love the flavor combination of this one:

  • Strong coffee – You can use espresso or regular brewed coffee, depending on how strong you like your Frappuccino to be. I’ll go over this in-depth a bit further down.
  • Milk of choice – You can use whichever milk you like the most. I usually have whole milk at home because I like the full flavor, but low-fat milk or your favorite milk alternatives will work perfectly well for this recipe.
  • Crushed ice or regular ice cubes are used to cool things to the perfect temperature and to get that unique blended Frappuccino base.
  • Toffee nut syrup is one of the main sweeteners of this drink. I’m using this toffee nut syrup from Amazon. There are even more recipes that use this coffee syrup, so it’s worth buying, in my opinion.
  • Mocha sauce is the second sweetener of this drink and will also give the Frappuccino that coffee-like color.
  • Caramel sauce is used as a topping; you need just a tablespoon. You can make it yourself (recipe listed below) or use a store-bought version.
  • Whipped cream is the perfect way to finish this Frappuccino. It will hold the caramel sauce and will make it look great when serving this drink to your friends and family!
  • Sea salt is the final topping that will bring this drink to the next level. A little goes a long way, as you’ll see in the final result.
All of the ingredients that are needed to make a salted caramel mocha Frappuccino at home.

Now that you know what kind of ingredients are used to make this delicious blended beverage, let’s take a look at the best coffee to use:

What is the best coffee to use for this recipe?

I suggest using espresso coffee for this Frappuccino. Brewed coffee is best used for a milder flavor, decaf for those who want to avoid caffeine.

Espresso has a stronger flavor that can stand up to the sweetness of the other ingredients while still allowing the delicate flavors of chocolate and caramel to shine through.

Espresso shot in a small glass.

If you don’t have access to espresso, then brewed coffee will do in a pinch, though the drink won’t be quite as strong.

Decaf coffee doesn’t taste much different from regular coffee, so it would be a good choice for those who want to avoid caffeine altogether.

Whichever coffee you choose, go with high-quality beans for the best flavor. More on this below:

How do you choose the right coffee beans?

The right coffee beans for you will depend on your personal preferences, so you can only find this out by testing a lot of different coffee beans. Here’s what I suggest:

  • If you like strong, bold flavors, then you’ll want to choose a dark roast coffee bean. These beans are roasted longer than light or medium roast beans, resulting in a more intensely flavored coffee.
  • If you prefer subtler tastes, a light or medium roast coffee bean would be better.
Medium roasted and dark roasted coffee beans next to each other.
Medium roast on the left. Dark roast on the right

Whichever type of bean you select, make sure it’s freshly roasted for the best flavor. I use coffee beans no older than eight weeks from their roasting date.

Check out some of my recommendations for coffee beans for different brewing techniques below:

A homemade mocha sauce recipe to try

There are many ways to make a mocha sauce, but one of the most straightforward and delicious is to make it with cocoa powder, white granulated sugar, and cold tap water.

This recipe is quick and easy to make, and the results are simply heavenly. It’ll look like this after letting it cool completely:

Chocolate sauce.
  1. Start by combining equal parts of cocoa powder and white granulated sugar, add the same amount of cold tap water and whisk until the mixture is smooth.
  2. Next, pour this mixture into a small saucepan over medium heat.
  3. Cook the sauce for about 2 minutes, constantly stirring, until it thickens and the sugar has completely resolved.
  4. Remove from heat and let cool slightly before using for this Frappuccino recipe.

If you’re interested in learning more about this recipe, you can find all the information here, which includes a complete recipe.

How do you make the caramel sauce at home?

You can easily make caramel sauce at home with just three main ingredients: white granulated sugar, cold tap water, and heavy cream.

Because this caramel sauce is only used as a topping for this drink, I recommend using a store-bought version if you don’t plan on using the caramel sauce for other coffee recipes.

You’ll have to at least make the caramel sauce for a few servings, meaning you’ll have leftovers for a few more caramel drinks like:

After making the caramel sauce and letting it cool, it’ll look like this:

Homemade caramel sauce.

If you want to give the recipe a try so that you can make even more delicious caramel-base coffees, you can follow the complete recipe here.

How to make a salted caramel mocha Frappuccino at home

Making a salted caramel mocha Frappuccino at home is actually quite easy! If you have all the ingredients at home, you can make one in five minutes!

You can check out the quick overview of the steps below, including photos of the process. Scroll down a bit further for the complete recipe.

  1. Brew the coffee you prefer the most and let it cool completely before using it in this recipe.
  2. Add the cooled coffee, milk, mocha sauce, and toffee nut syrup to a blender cup.
  3. Next, add the crushed ice or regular ice cubes to the blender cup.
  4. Blend the mixture on high speed until it’s slightly chunky and not super smooth.
  5. Pour the Frappuccino base into a glass.
  6. Top with whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel sauce, and a pinch of sea salt.

Have a look below for the complete recipe so that you can put this recipe to the test yourself:

Homemade Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

Salted caramel mocha Frappuccino, ready to drink.

This Frappuccino is the perfect way to start the day and will please any sweet tooth. The best part about this homemade recipe? You can make one in just five minutes!

Prep Time 3 minutes
Additional Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • Three espresso shots (3 oz or 90 ml) or 1/2 cup (120 ml) of brewed coffee
  • 1/2 cup (0.12 l) of whole milk
  • 1 cup (240 grams) of crushed ice (or regular ice cubes)
  • 2 tbsp (30 grams) of mocha sauce
  • 2 tbsp (30 grams) of toffee nut syrup
  • 1 tbsp (15 grams) of caramel sauce
  • A serving of whipped cream
  • A pinch of sea salt


  1. Start by brewing your coffee if you haven't done so already. It's best to let it cool completely before using it in this recipe. It'll allow the ice to do its work correctly, so you have the perfect Frappuccino base.
  2. Add the cooled coffee, milk, mocha sauce, and toffee nut syrup to a blender cup.
  3. Add the crushed ice or regular ice cubes as well. Crushed ice will make the quickest Frappuccino. You'll have to blend the base a bit longer if you're using regular ice cubes.
  4. Blend the mixture at high speed until a slightly chunky mixture appears.
  5. Pour the Frappuccino base into a tall glass of choice.
  6. Top with a generous amount of whipped cream
  7. Finish with a caramel drizzle and just a tiny bit of sea salt.
  8. Serve your homemade salted caramel mocha Frappuccino as soon as possible, and enjoy!


Tip: Brew the coffee before heading to bed and let it cool completely overnight if you want to make this Frappuccino in the early morning.

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Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 342Total Fat: 11.3gSaturated Fat: 6.1gUnsaturated Fat: 2.4gCholesterol: 39mgSodium: 73mgCarbohydrates: 23gFiber: 3.3gSugar: 50.5gProtein: 5.9g


If you’re a fan of Frappuccinos, then I definitely recommend giving this recipe a try. It’s easy to follow, and the end result is absolutely delicious.

When made with homemade mocha sauce and caramel sauce, you’ll be able to enjoy this drink more than one time in the coming days!

If you like making Frappuccinos at home, you can check out some more recipes for it below:

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