Since Starbucks added oat milk to its menu in 2021, it’s been a hit with vegans, the lactose-intolerant, and people looking for more exciting flavors from the world’s biggest coffee chain.

Of all the oat milk drinks that graced Starbucks’ menu in 2024, which ones are the best?

As of 2024, the best Starbucks oat milk drinks include Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso, Honey Oatmilk Latte, and Honey & Hazelnut Oat Latte.

In this article, I’ll go into more detail about the oat milk drinks you should try from Starbucks.

If applicable, I’ll also touch on tips to add more character to these drinks — or, at least, make them more suitable for your palate.

The best Starbucks oat milk drinks for 2024

Below, I’ll cover some of the best oat milk drinks you can order from your local Starbucks.

Oatly oat milk.

I’ve compiled a list of 17 options you can try, so you can find a new favorite by scrolling through it. Let’s get into it!

1. Honey oatmilk latte

You can’t go wrong with Starbucks’ Honey Oatmilk Latte if you love honey.

The earthy taste of honey combined with the creamy flavor of oat milk and espresso makes this a nice, sweet, salty cup of coffee.

The Honey Oatmilk Latte is topped with toasted honey, giving it a unique touch. This, combined with the cinnamon oats, enriches the nutty flavor of the beverage.

Honey in a small cup.

This doesn’t have as much fructose compared to other drinks with artificial sweeteners.

On the other hand, the Honey Oatmilk Latte clocks in at 270 calories, which might put off the more health-conscious Starbucks patrons.

2. Oat milk chai tea latte

The Oat Milk Chai Tea Latte is the sweeter version of your regular chai tea latte. The creamy oat milk combined with the chai tea spice gives this drink a vibrant taste.

Expect hints of cloves, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, rose petals, and cinnamon — all of which will keep you warm during the cold seasons:

Chai latte spices.
Spices used to make a chai latte

Whether you prefer your chai tea sweeter or you just like tea in general, you may enjoy this oat milk Starbucks drink.

If you want a more caffeinated version, ask the barista to add a shot or two of espresso for a quick pick-me-up.

3. Honey & hazelnut oat latte

If you like honey, hazelnut, oat milk, or the Starbucks blonde espresso (or all of the above), you’ll probably enjoy a sip of the Honey & Hazelnut Oat Latte.

It comes with just the right amount of sweetness, creaminess, and nutty flavor. It’s topped with a light layer of foam and roasted hazelnuts, which adds an extra velvety texture to the whole thing.

4. Oatmilk cocoa macchiato

The Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato is a more adventurous take on the typical chocolate and coffee mix.

This drink combines the creaminess of oat milk, the bitterness of cocoa, and the sweetness of vanilla syrup for a rich taste in every sip.

Despite this strong combination of flavors, they surprisingly don’t overpower each other.

It’s neither bitter nor sweet, although the espresso gets buried a bit. You can always add another shot if you want to make the caffeine stronger.

Doppio espresso.
Doppio espresso

5. Iced flat white with oat milk

If you’ve tried the regular iced flat white at least once, you probably know how bitter the drink is due to its high concentration of ristretto.

Luckily, you can make your flat white a little sweeter with the Iced Flat White with Oat Milk.

The creaminess of the oat milk balances out the ristretto’s distinct taste, making it more enjoyable for customers who aren’t big fans of bitter drinks.

Ristretto coffee.
Ristretto coffee

6. Iced blonde white mocha with oat milk

The Iced Blonde White Mocha with Oat Milk is another one you should try if you like creamy drinks with just the right level of sweetness and bitterness.

The less intense taste of the blonde espresso mixes perfectly with the oat milk, vanilla, and white chocolate without making it overwhelmingly sweet.

If you’re feeling adventurous, ask the barista to add hazelnut, caramel syrup, or both. Just be aware that these extra toppings may give you more of a sugary high than you’d like.

7. Strawberry and vanilla oat latte

The Strawberry and Vanilla Oat Latte is a coffee and dessert in one drink. It’s made of real strawberry purée, vanilla flavoring, blonde espresso, and a creamy oat latte.

Freshly made strawberry puree.
Homemade strawberry purée

The drink is topped with light foam and strawberry toppings, making it perfect for coffee lovers with sweet teeth.

If that’s not enough to convince you to try the Strawberry and Vanilla Oat Latte, you should definitely see how it looks. It’s one of the most festive drinks of 2024.

8. Caramel oat milk Frappuccino

The Caramel Oat Milk Frappuccino is for you if you want a classic drink to go with your oat milk.

It’s basically a twist on your regular caramel Frappuccino laced with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

The only difference between this and the normal Frappuccino is it’s dairy-free due to the creamy oat milk.

You may also like how the oat milk brings out the sweet taste of the caramel.

9. Dark cocoa & orange oat latte

You may think cocoa and orange are an odd combination, but this drink’s combination of blonde espresso and oat milk perfectly balances out the cocoa’s bitter taste and the orange’s citrusy touch.

It’s also mixed with almonds and cinnamon to make the drink crunchier.

Because of the ingredients in the Dark Cocoa & Orange Oat Latte, the drink is packed with calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12.

10. London fog tea latte with oat milk

Are you missing Starbucks’ Earl Grey Tea?

If so, add the London Fog Tea Latte with Oat Milk to your must-try list!

This oat milk drink is perfect if you’re looking for a hot tea to accompany you on cold afternoons.

The drink consists of a blend of Italian bergamot, vanilla syrup, oat milk, Ceylon tea, and organic sugar topped with evaporated milk foam.

You’ll also find a subtle taste of lavender, which gives this beverage a different twist.

11. Iced toasted vanilla oatmilk shaken espresso

One of the latest and most popular oat milk drinks of 2024 is the Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat Milk Shaken Espresso.

This drink is a blonde espresso mixed with caramel and vanilla syrup, hand-shaken for just the right sweetness.

Starbucks blonde roast.
Blonde roasted coffee beans

Some people have complained about the alcohol-like aftertaste from the toasted vanilla, though. If that sounds off-putting, you may want to avoid this one.

12. Iced brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso

Another trendy oat milk drink from Starbucks is the Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso. The only difference is that this has spicy cinnamon and brown sugar.

Because the drink uses brown sugar instead of toasted vanilla, you can expect this to be a tad sweeter.

This also makes a great pick-me-up if you want to get the full effects of caffeine minus the bitter taste.

If you feel like staying home, you can check out this homemade recipe instead:

Iced shaken espresso, ready to drink.
Homemade shaken espresso

13. Toffee nut latte (oat milk)

If you’re in for a nutty treat, you’ll never go wrong with the Toffee Nut Latte, which has an oat milk twist.

This simple drink consists of toffee nut, espresso, and oat milk. You can expect this one to be a refreshingly sweet and crunchy drink.

If you want more flavor in your cup, consider adding pistachio and vanilla syrup to make the drink sweeter.

14. Pistachio latte with oat milk

The Pistachio Latte with oat milk is a nice drink to try in the winter. Just like the last one on the list, this drink isn’t too complicated.

It has pistachio, espresso, and oat milk, and if you have a sweet tooth, ask the barista to add half a pump of brown sugar.

15. Espresso Frappuccino with oat milk and brown sugar

The Espresso Frappuccino with Oat Milk and Brown Sugar combines the goodness of coffee and Frappuccino in one cup.

The bitterness of the espresso is toned down by the sweetness of whipped cream, oat milk, and brown sugar, resulting in a tasty pick-me-up.

This is a classic drink and a must-try for coffee aficionados who like their coffee on the stronger side, as it’s packed with caffeine.

16. Iced oat latte

For those who want to keep it safe and simple, the Iced Oat Latte is the way to go. This is your regular espresso and oat milk mixture that gives you the caffeine you’re craving for.

Spice it up by asking your barista to add vanilla syrup and turn it into an Iced Vanilla Oat Milk Latte.

Either way, this works best if you don’t want anything too sweet and just need something good to start your day with.

Check out this article if you want a quick iced oat milk latte recipe.

Iced oat milk latte, ready to drink.
Homemade iced oat milk latte

17. Mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino with oat milk

Let’s end this list with a bang. If you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and order yourself a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino with Oat Milk.

It’s a delicious coffee concoction all in one cup. This one has bits of chocolate cookie crumble, oat milk, and whipped cream topped with mocha sauce.

Mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino, ready to drink.
Homemade mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino

The drink offers a taste of chocolate and caffeine heaven in every sip, so don’t miss out on this if you’re a fan of both.

Alternatively, you can make one at home by following this 5-minute recipe.

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I’ve talked about some of the best oat milk drinks you can get at your local Starbucks.

With so many delicious options to choose from, you’ll most likely find a new favorite soon.

If you want to learn how to place the perfect order at Starbucks, you can read this article on how to order like a pro or have a look below to learn more about Starbucks!

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