The AeroPress is a great option for on-the-go coffee as it only takes about 10 seconds to three minutes to brew.

Brewing one cup at a time, this coffee brewer quickly provides drinkers with clear, defined flavors. However, you may be wondering which beans work best for AeroPress.

Quick Answer: What is the best coffee for AeroPress?

The best coffee beans for AeroPress are the Volcanica Guatemala Antigua Reserve Coffee. These coffee beans boast many different flavors that you’ll be able to appreciate best when brewing with an AeroPress.

Best Coffee Beans for AeroPress (For Great On-The-Go Coffee)

Let’s talk about more coffee beans you should try with your AeroPress and what makes them so great.

What is the best coffee roast for the AeroPress?

Overall, the best coffee roast for AeroPress is a dark roast. The rich, smoky flavors in dark roast work well with the AeroPress, accentuating the coffee’s natural flavors.

The AeroPress is great for bringing out flavors in any type of coffee. So, the overall best coffee will depend on your flavor preferences.

However, some flavors that come together beautifully with the AeroPress are worth considering. So, let’s talk about them.

Dark roast coffee has its own unique mix of flavors. Manufacturers roast dark roast coffee at a higher temperature and for longer periods than other coffee types.

Dark roasted coffee beans.

This method of roasting allows the smoky, strong flavor of dark roast to really stand out among other types.

Light and medium roast still work well with the AeroPress, but dark roast works a little better.

With light and medium roast coffee beans, you still get undertones and flavors, but they are not as bold as the flavors found in a dark roast.

Tip: Check out the differences between light, medium, and dark roasted coffee beans in this in-depth article!

So, your AeroPress will draw out those bold flavors in dark roast and allow you to enjoy your coffee like never before.

Because dark roast coffee is so bold and the AeroPress helps you taste coffee beans more accurately, they make a perfect combination.

So, let’s talk about my favorite coffee to pair with the AeroPress and what makes it so great.

The 5 best coffee beans for AeroPress

When using AeroPress, knowing what flavors are in your coffee is important because it brings out those flavors like never before.

So, it is important to understand the flavor profile before deciding on a type of coffee. Let’s break down some of my favorite coffees to use with AeroPress.

1. Volcanica Guatemala Antigua Reserve Coffee

This rich, earthy coffee brings the flavors of Guatemala to your mug. These coffee beans are grown in a wet climate situated between two volcanoes. This gives it vital nutrients and flavor you can only get from soil near a volcano.

While the Volcanica Guatemala Antigua Reserve Coffee (available on is available in medium and dark roasts, I highly recommend the dark roast. It is smooth, smoky, and has deep tones of caramel flavor.

It is a great choice if you want something bold and smoky with sweet undertones.

Volcanica Guatemala Antigua Reserve Coffee
  • Guatemalan whole coffee beans from Antigua, Guatemala that provide a rich, full bodied taste with a smooth, sophisticated flavor and an intense roasted aroma - the perfect dark roast for any morning.

The reason I chose it as the best coffee for your AeroPress is because of the diverse flavors and how well the AeroPress pairs with dark roast coffee. So, check out the strong flavor profile for yourself.

2. Tiny Footprint Nicaragua Segovia Coffee

This is another dark roast with tons of flavor. Nicaraguan flavors in this Nicaragua Segovia coffee (available on are some of the most diverse and flavorful.

This brew has apricot, fig, and subtle notes of chocolate flavor, making it great for the AeroPress, which will bring out those individual flavors well.

Fair Trade Organic Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast


  • The world's first carbon negative coffee.
  • 100% Organic Shade-Grown Arabica Coffee.

Nicaraguan flavors are a common favorite for AeroPress lovers because of the subtle flavors that the spices provide. Where coffee is grown will change the flavor profile greatly. So, this type of coffee is a common favorite because of that.

This specific brand has many great flavors, and its coffee comes from family-owned farms. Tiny Footprint has made it their mission to make a donation to reforestation for every pound of coffee they sell.

So, not only is this a great, flavorful brand of coffee, but you can also make a difference with your purchase.

3. Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee

This is a medium roast for those who prefer a less heavy taste in their coffee. While some prefer dark roast because of the bold flavor, this is a great option for those who may want something a little tamer.

If you find typical coffee to be a little too acidic, then this may be the right choice for you.

Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee (available on is great for those with stomach or teeth sensitivities because of the low amount of acid in the beans.

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee
  • Grown In The Mountains Of Central America: Lifeboost Single Origin Acid Free Coffee is shade grown at a high elevation in the mountains of Central America.

This coffee is grown in the mountains of Central America. It gives you a ton of flavor without the acid that is so common in coffee. So, if you want a ton of flavor without the risk, then give it a try.

4. Cafe Vita Bistro Blend Coffee

This is a light to medium roast coffee, which is different from the suggested type. But it is worth your consideration for the smooth taste and great combination of flavors.

Cafe Vita Bistro Blend Coffee (available on has a variety of flavors, leading to a sweet finish.

Citrus blends with chocolate undertones, making it a creative combination of mild acidity and sweetness. There are also slight caramel and cashew tones that provide a nice balance for any sweet-loving palette.

Caffe Vita Bistro Blend Coffee
  • Grind fresh each time you make coffee for best flavor
  • Exceptional coffee roasted locally in Seattle since 1995

This is a great coffee to use with the AeroPress because every flavor gets to shine when using the unique AeroPress compared to other methods.

So, try this coffee with your AeroPress for some impressive, distinct flavors that will leave your sweet tooth satisfied.

5. Klatch Coffee Belle Espresso

This medium-dark roast blend has plenty of flavors to offer. It is low in acidity. So, it is great for those looking for a coffee that isn’t as bold as a dark roast.

Klatch Coffee Belle Espresso (available on has flavors of blackberries, brandy, and chocolate, combining for a great combination.

This is another blend that has a sweet finish, with many flavor undertones along the way. The many flavors found in this blend go well with cream or simply by themselves.

Klatch Coffee Belle Espresso
  • Espresso Blend
  • Coffee is roasted fresh to order.

Even though it is last on the list, don’t let that convince you that it’s not good. There are many flavors that shine when brewed through AeroPress compared to other methods.

So, make sure you check out this coffee, as it combines all the best parts of dark and medium roasts.

If you find dark roast to be just a little too strong, then try this as a slight step down. It provides a strong flavor, though it is a little weaker than traditional dark roast.

What’s the difference between AeroPress and French press coffee?

The main difference between the AeroPress and French press brews is the overall execution. The French press allows you to steep coffee grounds in hot water for several minutes while the AeroPress forces coffee through a paper filter in a shorter time period.

Let’s break down the differences a little further.


The AeroPress is a more recent creation compared to the French press. Invented in 2005, the AeroPress has impressed many in its comparatively short time.

Unlike the French press, it brews one cup of coffee at a time, making it perfect for single-use on-the-go coffee needs.

AeroPress also takes less time than French press because there is no steeping process. Instead, you use Aeropress by adding ground coffee and hot water to the piston.

"Adding the second AeroPress plunger onto the first one."

Once you add them, you hold them over the mug and press the top of the AeroPress down, forcing the coffee through the paper filter and into the cup.

Overall, the AeroPress provides a cleaner taste because of the paper filtration that blocks oils and unnecessary parts from getting into your coffee cup.

So, coffee enthusiasts will enjoy the clean flavor of the AeroPress compared to the French press and other brewing options.

French press

The French press has been around for almost a century and continues to be among coffee fans’ favorites. The mechanics of the French press are somewhat similar to the AeroPress, but brewing takes a little longer.

First, you must steep the hot water and ground coffee beans. The amount of time you want to steep is up to you, but the average is about four to five minutes.

This lengthens the brewing process and makes French press coffee a little less convenient for those on the go.

Once you steep the beans, you press the metal mesh down, which filters the coffee. Then, you pour yourself a cup.

Overall, the process takes longer because you must first steep the coffee.

"Adding the plunger to the French press beaker."

However, the French press allows you to brew more than a single cup of coffee at a time, so it works a lot better for those looking for more than a single cup.

You can check out this complete comparison article, where I go in-depth about the differences between the French press and AeroPress.

Final thoughts

Overall, dark roast coffee tends to work best with AeroPress, but you can’t go wrong with any type of coffee.

The AeroPress is a great tool for tasting every flavor in your coffee without diluting it.

So, try out these options for your AeroPress and start enjoying your coffee how it should taste.

You can check out some delicious coffee recipes you can make with your AeroPress below:

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