Decaf coffee beans are great for when you want great coffee without caffeine.

Decaf coffee allows people with caffeine sensitivities to enjoy a cup of joe without worrying about the after-effects.

However, you’ll want to know the best options, as some decaf coffee beans can fall flat in taste.

Quick Answer: What is the best decaf coffee?

The best decaf coffee beans would have to be the Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated Dark Espresso Roast. You receive a smooth, rich, decaffeinated coffee blend without a chemical taste. It’s a medium roast, has notes of dried fruit, and is easy to prepare in an espresso machine.

Best Decaf Coffee Beans (Great Coffee Without Caffeine)

I’ll examine Lavazza Dek and more decaf coffee beans in this article, so you can find whole coffee beans you’re sure to love. Let’s begin!

Best overall: Lavazza Dek decaffeinated dark espresso roast

First, let’s start with this decaffeinated dark espresso roast. The brand naturally removes the caffeine by steaming the beans before roasting them with hot air.

This process doesn’t add the chemical aftertaste you might be used to with other decaffeinated coffee brands.

The blend also includes a rich taste profile. You will taste hints of dried fruit and hazelnut, which creates a wonderful flavor.

It makes for a very smooth cup of coffee, which is delicious black or with other ingredients.

The roast tastes good when hot, and you can also use it to make a fantastic decaf iced coffee.

Lavazza Dek decaffeinated dark espresso roast
  • Decaffeinated using a natural process
  • Blended and roasted in Italy

The bag is about one pound (0.45 kg) of coffee beans, which gets you around 32 cups (7.6 liters or 2 gallons) of coffee if you drink a standard serving of eight ounces (236.6 ml).

That’s a good amount of coffee for the price.

The 120-year-old family-owned brand even makes sustainable products. They’re the best option for most people when it comes to decaf coffee beans.


  • Reasonable price: The coffee beans are affordable and offer high-quality flavors for the cost.
  • Chemical-free decaffeination methods: The company uses steam and heat to remove caffeine from their beans— the process doesn’t use any additional chemicals. This method produces a more natural decaffeinated coffee bean.
  • Excellent taste: Without the aftertaste of chemicals from removing caffeine, you can better enjoy the flavor of the coffee. Plus, it contains delicious hints of nuts and dried fruits, which offer a full, rich flavor profile and aroma.


  • Not dark enough: The medium roast blend may not be dark enough for some, but this is the only option for decaffeinated beans offered by the brand on Amazon. However, this may not be an issue if you only want a medium roast.

Best dark roast: Kicking Horse Coffee whole bean dark roast

If you want a darker roast that packs a ton of flavor, then the whole-bean dark roast from Kicking Horse Coffee would have to be the best option.

It is more expensive than the best overall pick, but you receive twice as much coffee, which will last much longer.

These whole coffee beans are organic, and the company uses the Swiss water process to remove their caffeine.

This method only uses water to remove the caffeine, so there are no added chemicals to alter the taste.

Kicking Horse Coffee whole bean dark roast
  • Dark roast, whole bean: Swiss water process. Decaffeinated coffee should be exactly like every other one of our blends: deep, dark and delicious.

The taste of the roasted coffee is also outstanding— you get hints of hazelnuts and chocolate, making it taste almost exactly like standard dark coffee.

If you’re a coffee lover, you’re sure to enjoy the fact that you can’t tell the difference between this coffee and a regular, caffeinated cup of joe.


  • Tastes like regular coffee: The decaf coffee’s flavor, consistency, and aroma are almost the same as the standard coffee you might be used to. It makes switching from caffeinated to decaffeinated for the first time much more manageable.
  • Certified organic coffee beans: The Swiss water method doesn’t add any chemicals to the coffee beans. You won’t get a chemical taste, and the process doesn’t alter the overall consistency of the coffee much.


  • A bit pricey: While you do receive a lot of coffee, most people may not want to pay that much for the bag at once. There are no smaller sizing options at the moment, either.

Best price: San Francisco Bay Coffee decaf gourmet blend

The gourmet blend from San Francisco Bay Coffee is best if you want a high-quality yet affordable decaf coffee.

You receive twice as much coffee as the overall pick but don’t pay twice the price.

You also have a more comprehensive selection of decaf coffee from that brand than the others on this list.

San Francisco Bay Coffee decaf gourmet blend
  • Decaf Gourmet Blend is comprised of 100% arabica beans from Central and South America, this medium roast results in a lively, well-rounded and smooth coffee.

When you click the link, you’ll see the gourmet blend, although you’ll have the option to choose decaf French roast and decaf espresso roast as well.

Overall, it has a robust flavor that isn’t watered down, and you don’t have to worry about emptying your wallet.


  • Excellent price point: This brand offers a 2-pound (0.91 kg) bag at a very affordable cost. It should last a very long time as you can get about 64 eight-ounce (236.6 ml) cups of coffee from it.
  • Great taste: Many people believe that cheaper coffee comes at the cost of a good flavor. However, that’s not the case with this product at all. You still get a rich, full coffee taste of smooth, nutty flavors.
  • Swiss water process: This brand also uses the Swiss water process to remove caffeine from their decaf blends. You’ll get a better taste and won’t have to worry about added chemicals.


  • Very bitter: Customers say that the coffee is very bitter. Before purchasing this option, you’ll want to ensure you’re OK with bitter roasts.

Best light roast: Jim’s Organic Coffee

If you prefer a light roast, you’ll want to try Jim’s Organic Coffee. This roast is mild and sweet, and the brand uses the Swiss water method to prepare it.

The result is an enjoyable, organic cup of coffee.

The company does state that the roast looks darker than it tastes due to the fact that it removed the caffeine from the beans.

Jim's Organic Coffee
  • Mild and mellow, Sweet Nothings Decaf whispers to your soul. Decaffeinated using all-natural Swiss Water, which gently removes caffeine using just water and no chemicals, yielding a flavorful cup.

You can trust that it’s a true light roast that won’t overpower your taste buds.

You also receive high-quality, 100% whole Arabica beans that you can grind to use in any coffee you want.


  • Great decaf light roast: Light roast coffee beans tend to hold more caffeine content, so finding a quality decaf light roast can be challenging. However, this roast pulls it off exceptionally well. Those who don’t like strong coffee will prefer this lighter roast instead of medium or dark.
  • Swiss water method: This brand uses this organic process to decaffeinate coffee beans.
  • Reasonable price: You also receive a good amount of coffee at a fair price with this option.


  • You must be particular when grinding the beans: This coffee is a bit finicky when ground. It can be too sour or watery when you grind it too finely, so you’ll want to find the perfect texture.

Signs of great decaf coffee beans

Getting perfect decaf coffee can be challenging, especially when you want to purchase it as whole beans and grind them at home.

These are a few of the signs you’ll want to look out for that let you know you’ve found something good:

  • The company uses a chemical-free decaffeination process.
  • The package of whole beans is affordable and comes with more than enough to last you.
  • The coffee comes with flavor notes that you know you will enjoy.
  • It comes in your preferred roast level (medium, light, or dark).

I have included various options on this list to help you find the best bag of whole coffee beans for yourself.

You’ll want to keep these points in mind while you decide which one will suit your preferences the most.

Is decaf coffee healthier than regular coffee?

Decaf coffee isn’t healthier than regular coffee unless you have caffeine sensitivities. Both offer antioxidants, with decaf offering slightly less.

When choosing decaf, you can get similar health benefits from both without the added energy boost.

That means one isn’t healthier than the other. However, decaf can still be a better personal choice if you tend to experience adverse symptoms from consuming caffeine.

Some signs of bad caffeine reactions include anxiety, shaking, and an increased heartbeat. (Source)

If you experience those symptoms every time you drink coffee, consult a physician. And it might be worth changing to decaf coffee beans.

What is the Swiss water process?

I’ve mentioned the Swiss water process a few times on this list, so you’ll want to understand what it is exactly.

This decaffeination method uses only water to remove 99.9% of the coffee beans’ caffeine through diffusion.

The beans soak in water, where the caffeine seeps out. After repeating the process several times and applying heat, the beans should contain only a small fraction of the caffeine they previously did.

This method doesn’t use any chemicals, so it’s entirely organic.

Final thoughts

To summarize, everyone can enjoy a delicious cup of decaf coffee.

I recommend the Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated Dark Espresso Roast as the best overall due to its complex flavor, excellent price point, and chemical-free decaffeination methods.

You won’t need to worry about the side effects of too much caffeine and won’t have to sacrifice taste, making it perfect for anyone looking to make the switch to decaf.

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