If you’ve ever had a cold brew from Starbucks, you know what the hype is all about.

Starbucks coffee is a favorite for many reasons, and they make delicious caffeinated beverages across the board.

Starbucks cold brews, though, are unique and amazing to have in the summer months when a hot beverage isn’t tolerable.

The best Starbucks cold brews are the Oleato, chocolate macadamia, salted caramel, and vanilla sweet cream. If you’d like, you can also get the chance to try one of their cold brew secret menu drinks.

Below is a complete list of the best Starbucks cold brew drinks on the menu in 2024.

Keep reading to see which caffeinated drinks are up your alley and what ingredients they’re made with.

I’ll also look into the Starbucks secret menu of cold brew drinks and how you can ask your nearest Starbucks barista to make them for you!

1. Oleato golden foam cold brew

The Oleato golden foam cold brew is a 380-calorie beverage with a unique twist of olive oil.

This delicious caffeinated drink is made with:

  • Ice
  • Brewed coffee
  • Golden cold foam, which contains:
    • Vanilla sweet cream
    • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Vanilla syrup
Olive oil in a small cup.

This drink is best enjoyed on a sunny day when you want to refresh your senses with a smooth and rich cold brew.

You can also enjoy the Oleato golden foam cold brew’s inviting aroma and subtle sweetness during your relaxing moments.

2. White chocolate macadamia cream cold brew

The white chocolate macadamia cream cold brew is a 240-calorie beverage with a nutty and sweet flavor. This tasty cold brew concoction is made with:

  • Ice
  • Brewed coffee
  • Macadamia syrup
  • White chocolate macadamia cream cold foam, which contains:
    • Toasted cookie crumbles

Cookie lovers will love the macadamia flavor – without the melting that always comes with eating a cookie in the heat of summer.

3. Chocolate cream cold brew

My favorite of the cold brews is the chocolate cream cold brew. Another 250-calorie drink, this cold brew is made with:

  • Two pumps of vanilla syrup
  • Chocolate cream cold foam
  • Ice
  • Sweeteners
Homemade chocolate cream cold brew, ready to drink.

I’ll happily drink the chocolate cream cold brew anytime, day, or season.

The perfect combination of vanilla and chocolate makes a cup of this cold brew an irresistible treat. It’s smooth, creamy, and incredibly flavorful.

4. Salted caramel cream cold brew

The salted caramel cream cold brew tastes like the salted caramels you may enjoy eating during Christmas.

This drink combines the following ingredients to make a tasty 250-calorie beverage:

  • Four pumps of salted caramel syrup
  • Salted caramel cream cold foam
  • Ice
  • Cold brew

This delicious cold drink is perfect for a relaxing winter morning by the fireplace.

5. Cinnamon caramel cream cold brew

The cinnamon caramel cream cold brew is a 250-calorie beverage with a warm and cozy flavor.

This delightful cold brew creation is made with:

  • Ice
  • Cold brew coffee
  • Cinnamon caramel syrup
  • Cinnamon sweet cream cold foam
  • Cinnamon dolce topping

This is a wonderful drink to enjoy on a chilly day when you want to spice up your senses with a smooth and sweet cold brew.

You can also enjoy the cinnamon caramel cream cold brew’s rich aroma and indulgent taste during your relaxing moments.

6. Starbucks cold brew coffee

The Starbucks cold brew coffee is the standard cold brew coffee that you can purchase without any syrups or sweeteners.

You can add various flavors to this coffee because it is a simple baseline for many other flavored cold brews on the menu.

Adding a lid to the mason jar cold brew to let it steep.

You can add varying toppings to the cold brew for hints of other tastes.

This drink is an awesome option if you want to make your customizations—be your own barista.

7. Vanilla sweet cream cold brew coffee

The vanilla sweet cream cold brew coffee is popular due to its simplicity. It contains the following:

  • Two pumps of vanilla syrup
  • Ice
  • A splash of vanilla sweet cream cold foam
  • An optional espresso shot (or two) to energize you

8. Starbucks cold brew coffee with milk

A classic drink, the Starbucks cold brew coffee with milk is just the cold version of a latte.

It uses 2% milk, but you can request almond, coconut, oat, soy milk, or half and half, light or heavy cream.

Cold brew in a mason jar, ready to strain.

You can also add sweeteners to make the drink sweeter or add any other flavor for a splash of excitement.

9. Nitro cold brew

Nitrogen-infused coffee sets this one apart from the Starbucks cold brew coffee with milk.

The coffee is injected with nitrogen gas, which does three things for the coffee’s taste:

  • It makes the drink bubble and foam, similar to how a beer might. This will help make the drinks stand out from a regular cup of coffee.
  • It makes the coffee thicker. As a result, you don’t have to mix in creamers or milk to give the beverage a bit more substance, and the coffee takes on a slightly creamy texture.
  • It Reduces bitterness and acidity in coffee. This appeals to those who generally don’t enjoy the natural flavor of coffee and need to add cream, milk, or sugar.
Nitro cold brew vs. cold brew. A side-by-side comparison.
Nitro cold brew on the left. Regular cold brew on the right

The nitro cold brew at Starbucks is your standard cold brew coffee with the above characteristics.

Like with Starbucks cold brew coffee, you can customize a nitro cold brew with different flavors, syrups, and toppings to make it to your liking.

Have a look at this article if you want to learn more about the differences between cold brew and nitro cold brew.

10. Cinnamon caramel cream nitro cold brew

The cinnamon caramel cream nitro cold brew is a 260-calorie beverage with a bubbly and creamy texture.

This delicious coffee beverage is made with:

  • Nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee
  • Cinnamon caramel syrup
  • Cinnamon sweet cream cold foam
  • Cinnamon dolce topping

This is an excellent drink for cinnamon lovers with a desire for caffeine.

11. Vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew

Finally, the vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew is a nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee that tastes creamy, milky, and vanilla-sweet.

It is definitely a go-to when you prefer a coffee that doesn’t make you purse your lips every time you have to take a sip. It isn’t bitter in the slightest!

Homemade nitro cold brew, ready to drink.

I could drink this delicious cold brew during a warm spring day when all the snow is beginning to melt—my idea of a perfect afternoon.

The simple pleasure of sipping on a delicious cold brew while enjoying the new season makes for a truly enjoyable time.

These are the nine cold brew beverages on the Starbucks menu. Did you know, though, that Starbucks also has a secret menu?

The Starbucks secret menu has several delicious cold brew beverages that use various combinations of different ingredients.

Let’s explore the nine best secret menu cold brew beverages on the Starbucks secret menu!

Cold brew secret menu drinks

Original Starbucks employees created the Starbucks secret menu and became a platform for wannabe baristas worldwide to share their Starbucks creations!

One thing to remember if you’re ordering off the Starbucks secret menu is not all baristas know the secret menu recipes.

However, many often make unposted beverages at a customer’s request.

So, bringing a copy of the secret menu recipe with specific instructions is a good idea because you might need to walk your barista through the process.

Otherwise, they may not know how to make your desired drink.

It also helps to ensure the barista has all the necessary ingredients before making the drink.

Bigger and more localized Starbucks restaurants should have most ingredients, but checking first’s always a good idea.

Let’s look at nine of the most delicious Starbucks secret menu beverages.

1. Chocolate mousse cold brew

If you love chocolate mousse cake, you no longer have to wait for a celebration or a party to have it for dessert! This chocolate mousse cold brew is made with the following:

  • Two pumps of vanilla syrup
  • Four pumps of mocha
  • Two more pumps of mocha in the cold foam
  • Cookie crumble toppings

2. Honey bee cold brew

The honey bee cold brew is rapidly gaining popularity, and I can see why. It starts with an almond milk cold brew added with two pumps of vanilla.

It’s then topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

Vanilla sweet cream cold foam, ready to be used as a topping.

Lightly drizzled with some honey on top, this delicious, sweet summer beverage will quench your thirst and wake you up!

Many people love this cold brew with almond milk, which isn’t standard for most cold brew beverages on this list.

It gives the coffee a subtle taste of vanilla, which sits nicely on the taste buds.

3. Strawberry cold brew

To make the strawberry cold brew, you must first order a cold brew with sweet cream cold foam.

Then, ask the barista to add two mocha pumps and two raspberry pumps. Top the drink off with a strawberry puree.

Freshly made strawberry puree.

For the fruit lovers out there, this strawberry cold brew is perfect for you, and it’s ideal for a hot, sunny day on the beach!

Or, you can sip on it while exploring the city with your friends. There are so many ways to enjoy this tasty drink.

4. Pumpkin butter cold brew

The pumpkin butter cold brew was made for the hot Autumn day before the days consistently cool down.

It is a pumpkin cream cold brew with three pumps of white mocha, two pumps of cinnamon dolce, and one pump of chai.

This drink doesn’t have vanilla syrup, but it’s topped with cinnamon powder!

Anyone who enjoys the pumpkin spice latte will love the pumpkin butter cold brew. It reminds me of Harry Potter’s butterbeer—smooth, sweet, and delightful.

5. Cookies and cream cold brew

Don’t get me started on the cookies and cream—it’s my absolute favorite flavor!

Imagine drinking a caffeinated milkshake, and that’s what you’ll get with the cookies and cream cold brew.

Two Oreo cookies.

To have your barista make this delightful coffee, order a cold brew coffee with two pumps of white mocha and two pumps of vanilla flavor.

You’ll also want to request a cold mocha foam on top and layer the drink with cookie crumbles.

6. Baby Yoda cold brew

Star Wars fans will love the Baby Yoda cold brew.

Not only does it taste like something Yoda would drink in the morning, but it also looks like him—the bottom three-quarters of the drink is brown, and the top quarter is green.

To order the Baby Yoda cold brew, ask your barista for a cold brew with four pumps of white mocha flavor and sweet cream cold foam on top.

The cold foam turns green with a scoop of matcha powder.

7. Cinnamon roll cold brew

A wonderful cold brew to drink in front of the fire on Christmas morning, the cinnamon roll cold brew goes excellent with Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.

Mix in four pumps of white mocha to a cold brew, and add two pumps of cinnamon dolce in the sweet cream cold foam.

Ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks next to each other.

Top it with some cinnamon powder, and you have a cup of caffeinated cinnamon roll.


You can add any toppings and flavors you like to the cinnamon roll cold brew.

I taste-tested this cold brew with a sprinkling of cookie crumbles on top because I love cookies and cream and was not disappointed.

The chilled cold brew is perfectly balanced, with sweet notes from the cookie crumbles on top.

8. Chocolate-covered strawberry cold brew

The chocolate-covered strawberry cold brew is a sweet and savory coffee to treat your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Just ask your barista to add two pumps of white mocha and two pumps of raspberry to a cold brew.

Have them top the drink with a strawberry puree cold foam and chocolate curls to really impress your date!

A dark chocolate bar.

The chocolate curls add a slightly crunchy texture to this caffeinated, fruity, frap-like beverage, and it’s a favorite among those who like the sweetness of strawberry with the richness of cocoa.

9. Salted caramel white mocha cold brew

If you enjoy the salted caramel treats Grandma makes over the holidays, you’ll adore the salted caramel white mocha cold brew.

Ask your barista to add a pump of white mocha flavoring into a cold foam and use it to top your cold brew with an additional pump of toffee nut syrup.

Add a little drizzle of caramel sauce over the beverage, and you’ve got yourself a delicious salted caramel white mocha cold brew.

These cold brews are some of the best, most creative caffeinated beverages right now.

More great Starbucks drinks

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Below you will find all the lists I’ve created so far:

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From a simple black cold brew to the decadent chocolate cream flavor, Starbucks has a variety of drinks that will satisfy any palate.

Whether you are looking for something light and sweet or strong and bold, this article should help you discover the perfect cold brew drink.

Be sure to try some of the drinks mentioned in this article and find your favorite one!

From stimulating nitro cold brews to smooth sweet cream cold brews, Starbucks’ menu will surely give your taste buds something new to enjoy.

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