When the warm weather and sun are out in full force, there’s nothing like a cold drink to cool you down. Why not try something a little different?

If you like iced lattes, here’s a recipe for you to try. The iced white chocolate latte is a sweet and creamy drink with a hint of chocolate that’s perfect for summer.

It’s made using ingredients you might already have at home and includes homemade white chocolate sauce that is so easy to make that you want to add it to your coffee every day.

What is an iced white chocolate latte?

An iced white chocolate latte is a concoction of whole milk, espresso shots, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and ice cubes for a refreshing and caffeinated drink that’ll get you through the day.

The best part about this iced white chocolate latte is that you can make them at home with very little equipment or experience.

Iced white chocolate latte.

Look below for the complete list of ingredients and be amazed by how easy this recipe is to make.

What ingredients are in an iced white chocolate latte?

The flavors of white chocolate and coffee have been a popular pair for some time. The creamy, sweet taste of white chocolate is an excellent contrast to the robust and earthy flavor of a cup of coffee.

To make this easy iced white chocolate latte at home, you’ll only need a few ingredients. Have a look below for the full list:

All ingredients used to make an iced white chocolate latte at home.

I like to use whole milk for this recipe as it has the fullest flavor, and it pairs well with the sweetness of the white chocolate. However, if you want to use a lower-fat milk or milk alternative, make sure to do so.

Down below, I’ll talk a bit more about the best coffee to use and give you a few alternatives for the espresso shots. This way, you’ll have many options to make this into Your Dream Coffee.

After that, I’ve listed the recipe card and a recipe for homemade white chocolate sauce; read along to find out all about it.

The best coffee to use in this recipe

To make this coffee as balanced and sweet as possible, you’ll need two espresso shots. The espresso flavor is much more robust than any other coffee and makes for the perfect match in this recipe.

The best way to prepare espresso coffee at home is by using an espresso machine. If you have an espresso machine at home, be sure to pull two shots and use them in this recipe.

If you want a more affordable way to make espresso-like coffee at home, you can use a Moka pot or AeroPress. These coffee brewers are my favorite way to produce coffee at home.

Moka pot and AeroPress, ready to brew coffee with them.

If you’re interested in learning how to use these coffee brewers, you can check out my beginner’s guide to brewing coffee at home. I’ll explain everything you need to know there.

A few other options to produce this drink are using your Nespresso or Keurig machine to make the coffee for you. I recommend a strong coffee pod for this recipe.

Of course, you can also use brewed coffee instead of espresso shots. If you want to use brewed coffee instead, make sure it’s strongly brewed. You can use the double brewed technique for this; check it out by clicking here.

Yield: 1 Serving

Easy Iced White Chocolate Latte

Iced white chocolate latte recipe.

This easy-to-make iced white chocolate latte is perfect for enjoying on a hot summer afternoon or a refreshing start to the day!

Prep Time 3 minutes
Additional Time 3 minutes
Total Time 6 minutes


  • 1/2 cup (0.12 l) of whole milk
  • Two espresso shots
  • 2 tbsp (30 grams) of white chocolate sauce
  • Whipped cream
  • Ice cubes


Once you've prepared the white chocolate sauce, it's time to assemble this amazing drink:

  1. Brew your espresso shots.
  2. Then, in a tall glass, add the white chocolate sauce.
  3. Pour the hot espresso coffee on top and give this a good stir, so everything is well combined.
  4. Cool this down using ice cubes. I used about 10 ice cubes for my drink, which filled the glass to about halfway.
  5. Next, pour in the milk.
  6. Top this all with a serving of whipped cream and optionally a drizzle of white chocolate sauce.

You've just made this delicious iced white chocolate latte from scratch!

I recommend serving it with a straw so you can stir the concoction, as this makes for a well-balanced drinking experience.


You can always make this coffee a bit sweeter if you want to. To do so, you can either use a bit more chocolate sauce or leave out a shot of espresso.

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Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 205Total Fat: 13.8gSaturated Fat: 8.2gUnsaturated Fat: 2.35gCholesterol: 35mgSodium: 68mgCarbohydrates: 14.4gSugar: 15.2gProtein: 4.8g

The nutritional information is based on the recipe. If you want to switch up the ingredients, you might change the number of calories.

How to make white chocolate sauce at home

White chocolate sauce is one of those sauces that go well with everything. Down below, I’ll show you how to make this easy sauce at home. You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 3/4 cup (0.18 l) of whole milk
  • 180 grams of white chocolate

The ingredients listed above will make for roughly 6-8 drinks, depending on the amount of white chocolate sauce you’d like to use for your drink.

You can easily make a bit more or even less of this chocolate sauce. It uses a 1:1 ratio, so you can use the amount of choice. To make the chocolate sauce, you can follow the steps below:

  1. In a small saucepan, combine the whole milk and white chocolate.
  2. Place the pan on the stove on medium/ high heat.
  3. Keep it on the stove until the milk almost starts boiling. I found that this takes no more than 2-3 minutes.
  4. Remove it from the heat and stir the mixture with a whisk or spoon until the white chocolate has fully dissolved.
  5. Then, keep it off the heat until it has fully cooled down.

After your white chocolate sauce has cooled completely, I suggest storing it in the refrigerator until your subsequent use. I like to pour it into a resealable container for optimal storage.

Because this is such an easy recipe to make, I always have it in the fridge, alongside a simple syrup or vanilla syrup. It’s such a great way to flavor coffee at home.

If you’re interested in more information about this white chocolate sauce recipe, check out my in-depth guide here!

What does a white chocolate latte taste like?

A white chocolate latte tastes slightly sweet, with a good amount of robust coffee flavors coming through. White chocolate has a sweeter taste than regular chocolate and almost tastes like a concoction with sweetened condensed milk because of it.

If you’re a fan of white chocolate, you’ll love this white chocolate latte for sure. It has such a unique flavor that I keep coming back for.


It can be difficult to come up with a delicious iced latte or iced coffee recipe that is different and exciting in the summertime.

This iced white chocolate latte marks all boxes. It’s refreshing, sweet, robust, and easy to make. I’ve made this recipe a lot lately and love to enjoy it sitting out in the sun.

If you’re like me, you love coffee in any form. If you’re interested in trying out another coffee recipe today, then have a look below. I’ve listed a few recipes that might be of interest to you.

Plus, don’t forget to give the hot version of the white chocolate latte a try!

Do you like white chocolate drinks? Let me know by leaving a comment down below. If you have any other questions regarding coffee, you can also contact me directly by pressing the “Contact Me” button at the top!

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