Coffee is one of the most popular drinks on the planet. We love brewing up a fresh pot of joe in the morning, and we enjoy keeping a few pouches of flavored creamers on hand for our afternoon pick-me-up.

And if you’re a true coffee enthusiast, you might have heard of or tried extra dark roast coffee.

Quick Answer: What is an extra dark roast coffee?

Extra dark roast coffee is a type of coffee that has been roasted darker than the normal, average dark roast. Extra dark coffees are typically very strong in flavor and can have a somewhat bitter aftertaste. They have an oily surface.

Extra Dark Roast Coffee: What Is It and Should You Try It?

You’ll know that it’s not necessarily a new thing (dark roasting has been around for decades), but it’s becoming more and more popular among coffee lovers these days.

So, what is extra dark roast coffee, and how is it different from the standard dark roast?

What is extra dark roast coffee?

The world of coffee is a big one, with types and varieties of beans, roasting styles, and brewing processes.

Among the most complicated — and to some, most interesting — is dark roast coffee.

This style is often seen as more powerful and intense than lighter roast types, making it appeal more to those who enjoy a strong-flavored cup.

As I’ve mentioned above, an extra dark roast coffee has been roasted even longer than your typical dark roast. It has a very strong flavor and is often quite bitter.

They’re not for everyone’s taste, but if you enjoy strong flavors, then this might be the right kind of brew for you!

Below, you’ll find more information about these coffee beans, including their taste, how to use these coffee beans, and which are the best of their kind.

Does extra dark roast coffee have more caffeine?

Extra dark roast coffee typically has the same amount of caffeine as other coffee roasts.

The longer roasting time forces the beans to dry out longer, and when you then grind them finer, you’ll have more contact between the ground beans and water during brewing, causing an increase in total extraction.

When you use the same amount of extra dark roast coffee and a different roast, you can clearly see that the extra dark roast coffee has more coffee beans for the same weight:

Light roast on the left. Extra dark roast on the right

The longer the coffee beans are roasted, the more water they lose. However, if you grind them fine enough (like an espresso grind), you’ll most likely end up with the same amount of caffeine compared to a different coffee roast.

What does extra dark-roasted coffee taste like?

The flavor profile of an “extra dark” roast is generally defined by a combination of chocolatey, nutty, and earthy flavors due to the Maillard Reaction in the beans during roasting.

The sweetness from these reactions can be tasted as either caramel or molasses-type flavors depending on how much sugar was present in the bean prior to being exposed to heat and pressure during roasting.

Some coffee blends even have a more smokey side, making the flavor stand out even more.

If you haven’t had the chance to try extra dark roasted coffee before, you’ll find that it’s a unique flavor experience that isn’t for everyone.

What can you use extra dark-roasted coffee for?

You can use extra dark-roasted coffee for so many different brewing techniques and recipes.

Have a look below for some interesting ways to make use of these coffee beans:

  • It’s a great alternative to your favorite espresso in the morning. It’s delicious when brewed into a latte, cortado, or macchiato, or try it as iced espresso!
  • To make espresso stronger without adding too much caffeine (if you’re sensitive). I find this method is best when I’m brewing at home because I can choose my favorite espresso brewer. (More on this below)
  • Make cold brew coffee using your French press or AeroPress and enjoy a refreshing but robust iced drink.

To make some great espresso coffee at home, it’s best to use an espresso machine. The espresso machine will brew cafe-like espresso without that much trouble.

However, these machines can get quite expensive and are not for everyone. Some cheaper and beginner-friendly alternatives are the Moka pot and AeroPress.

AeroPress and Moka pot, ready to use.

Both coffee brewers make excellent espresso-like coffee that will taste great when you’re using those extra dark-roasted coffee beans!

If you want to learn more about these coffee brewers, like how to brew with them, you can check out this complete beginner’s guide to brewing coffee.

What are the best extra dark roast coffee beans?

Extra dark coffee beans are generally not as popular as medium or light-bodied blends because they can be too strong for some people’s palates.

However, if you enjoy a robust flavor with your morning cup of joe, then this might be the perfect option for you!

In order to get the best flavor from an extra dark roast, make sure that it is fresh and not overroasted.

If possible, try local beans when buying online since they will have more complex flavors, which will come through better in an aged product compared to store-bought pre-ground beans.

The store-bought coffee beans have often been sitting on shelves for months at a time without any changes in taste or quality.

I’ve made a small list of some great dark roast coffee beans if you’re interested in trying some out for yourself:

Koffee Kult Coffee Beans Dark Roasted
  • Taste: Strong but the smoothest, cleanest tasting coffee ever. Bold flavor but smooth. Not bitter. Best choice of gourmet coffees.
  • Cupping Notes: Heavy Body, Smooth, Cinnamon, Bright with a long finish
SF Bay Coffee French Roast Whole Bean
  • We blend beans from Central & South America & roast until the flavor oils rise to the surface of the bean for a full-bodied, dark roast coffee with notes of chocolate & toasted cinnamon.
Decaf Organic French Roast
  • Decaf dark roasted coffee
  • Smoky, sweet, smooth


I hope you found this article to be informative and interesting. If you are more of a coffee connoisseur, then there is no doubt that the extra dark roast beans will become your new favorite type!

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand what extra dark roast coffee is, how it tastes, and that there are many ways to brew it.

You can use any brewing technique for these particular beans. It’s worth experimenting with an increased taste profile until you find what brews best match your personal tastes.

Do you have a preference? Let me know in the comments below.

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