Have you ever heard of the unique and fascinating drink called coffee soda? This bubbly beverage combines some of my favorite flavors from coffee and soda, creating a unique flavor profile that is difficult to come by in any other kind of drink.

This carbonated version of your beloved coffee has taken the world by storm.

In this article, it’s time to explore what exactly coffee soda is and how to make it at home so that you can become an expert barista too!

Let’s start with an overview to ensure you know everything there’s to know about this drink. Grab a cup of joe and read on because coffee soda awaits!

What is coffee soda?

Coffee soda is a unique and refreshing beverage that combines the flavor of coffee with refreshing sparkling water or your favorite soda water. You can make it with cold brew coffee, iced coffee, or cooled espresso.

Homemade coffee soda.

Coffee soda has become increasingly popular among people who don’t want to choose between their favorite caffeinated drinks.

The rich, smooth taste of the coffee, combined with the bold sweetness and fizziness from the carbonation, creates an enjoyable experience for all types of drinkers.

You might even consider it to be more flavorful than regular iced coffee!

What does coffee soda taste like?

The taste of coffee soda depends on the specific ingredients used to create it; for example, if you use an espresso roast or cold brew concentrate, the drink will be more intense with a higher caffeine content.

The flavor will be less intense if you use standard drip-brewed coffee to cool it down.

Additionally, you can add coffee syrup, which can alter its overall profile.

Generally, though, it has a strong coffee flavor combined with the sparkling sweetness of your favorite soda water!

Homemade vanilla syrup.
Homemade vanilla syrup

Coffee soda’s unique combination of flavors appeals to both avid caffeine drinkers and those seeking something new and exciting.

So if you’re looking for an enjoyable morning pick-me-up or afternoon refresher without all the extra calories associated with energy drinks and sodas, then this could be your go-to option!

Which ingredients are needed to make this recipe?

To make soda coffee, you’ll only need the following three ingredients:

  • Cold coffee: You can use various cold coffees for this recipe. I prefer using cold brew, but more on the various options below.
  • Sparkling natural mineral water or soda water can both be used for this recipe.
  • Ice cubes are used for that refreshing touch!
All of the ingredients needed to make coffee soda at home.

Using coffee ice cubes instead of regular ice cubes, you can make this coffee soda even more interesting (and a little more caffeinated!). Check out the recipe here.

The best part about making coffee soda at home is that you can choose any coffee to make it.

I’ll cover the various options you have below:

Which coffee can you use for this recipe?

You can make coffee soda with various coffees. My favorite is cold brew coffee or cooled espresso coffee.

You can have a look below for the various ways you can make cold brew coffee at home:

Adding a lid to the mason jar cold brew to let it steep.
Making cold brew coffee in a mason jar

Next, you can make espresso as the coffee basis for this drink. You have various ways to make espresso at home, which I’ll also cover below:

  • An espresso machine is the perfect way to make traditional espresso with a great crema.
  • You can use a Moka pot for a great-tasting espresso-like coffee that you can prepare on your stovetop.
  • The AeroPress is a quick and easy way to make espresso-like coffee in only 10 seconds.
  • Use a Nespresso machine with some delicious espresso pods for the quickest coffee soda!
Brewing espresso shots.

And last but not least, you can also use regular brewed coffee to make your coffee soda.

It’s best to let the coffee cool completely before adding it to your sparkling water.

Which soda water is best used?

When it comes to making the perfect coffee soda, you can use many different types of soda water.

It largely depends on personal preference and the flavor profile of the coffee you’re using.

For a refreshing yet balanced taste, sparkling mineral water is usually a great choice since it won’t drown out the flavor of your coffee.

A bottle of San Pellegrino water.

The delicate bubbles and subtle sweetness pair naturally with the coffees listed above.

Another option is club soda if you prefer something lighter in taste; its carbonation will still give off that delicious fizz when blended with coffee.

I prefer using San Pellegrino as I love the more delicate bubbles, but any soda water will work!

How do you sweeten coffee soda?

Coffee soda can be sweetened in various ways to make it more palatable and enjoyable, especially if you’re not a fan of strong coffee.

I suggest using coffee syrup to sweeten your coffee soda, as it will easily dissolve into the drink.

Homemade cinnamon syrup.
Homemade cinnamon syrup

You can use any flavor of coffee syrup you already have at home. This can be store-bought syrups or homemade versions.

If you’re looking to make some delicious coffee syrup at home, have a look at my favorites below:

You can have a look at this overview if you’re looking for even more homemade syrups!

As you can see, you’ve got many syrup options to choose from. You could also add some honey to your coffee soda for a more natural sweetness!

Now that you’ve got all the information about this delicious drink, it’s time to put it to the test by following the recipe below:

Yield: 1 Serving

5-Minute Coffee Soda

Coffee soda, ready to enjoy.

This coffee soda recipe can be made in just five minutes, and you can customize it completely to taste!

Prep Time 3 minutes
Additional Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 1/2 cup (0.12 l) of sparkling water or soda water
  • 1/4 cup (0.06 l) of strong coffee
  • Ice cubes
  • Coffee syrup to taste


  1. Start by preparing your coffee. Brew your espresso and let it cool, or grab your coffee from the fridge.
  2. Fill a glass halfway with ice.
  3. Slowly pour the sparkling or soda water into the glass.
  4. Top with your cooled coffee.
  5. You can add coffee syrup if you prefer.
  6. Mix all the flavors, or serve with a long straw for easy sipping!


You can use two espresso shots instead of 1/4 cup strong coffee. You can always adjust the ratio of coffee to soda water to taste.

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Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 1


Crafting your coffee soda can be a fun and rewarding experience that is easy to get into.

Whether you’re looking for a cool way to get caffeine in your system in the morning or something different, try making coffee soda at home.

With all the coffees available, you’ll surely find something that tickles your taste buds.

There’s nothing quite like it! Remember, experimentation is key if you want to craft the perfect drink.

Play around with different coffees and coffee syrups until you find what works best.

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