Do you want to learn more about coffee? Maybe you’re interested in different brewing techniques, the different coffee beans, their taste, or even latte art.

Following the right YouTube channels is a great way to find out everything you want to know.

Quick Answer: What are the best coffee YouTube channels to follow?

The best coffee YouTube channel to follow is James Hoffmann. He covers everything coffee-related. He teaches you how to make different coffee types and shares facts and recipes for food made with coffee. Other great channels are European Coffee, Chao Coffee and Tea, and Clive Coffee.

Best Coffee YouTube Channels to Follow

In this article, I will discuss some of my favorite YouTube channels that cover coffee-related topics.

Not all of them cover every single thing, but you’re bound to find the information you need with the help of these coffee geniuses.

1. James Hoffmann

A homepage screenshot of James hoffmann's Youtube channel.

James has videos on a lot of topics related to coffee-making. His YouTube channel can offer you all the information you want and does so with high-quality videos.

His videos aren’t long, so you won’t have to sit through hours of material to learn something.

He speaks calmly, clearly, and slowly, which makes his videos perfect for those who know English as a second language.

Here are some of the topics he covers:

Coffee machines

Hoffmann discusses different coffee machines, from the most recent to vintage ones.

His explanations are detailed and give you a clear idea of how the machine works and if it is the right match for you.

If you want to learn more about older devices, he’s there to explain their history and value.

The beautiful videography is accompanied by matching music to offer you a great viewing experience.

Coffee types

James has a video about kopi luwak, a ‘poop coffee.’ You might’ve heard about it before, and if you haven’t, the video is fascinating.

Besides his videos about particular coffee types, he explains the differences between coffee brands and their taste.

Luwak coffee bags from Bali.

You can also learn more about these coffee beans in this article!

Brewing techniques

Many of James’s videos show you how to make coffee, the different techniques, and how they partly dictate their taste.

You can make the best, most expensive coffee taste horrible if you haven’t mastered the proper brewing technique, so you’re better off watching a couple of educational (and entertaining) James Hoffmann videos on YouTube before attempting to prepare that premium coffee you just bought.

Special food recipes

You won’t believe the fantastic authentic food recipes James has covered.

All the recipes are created using coffee and can be very surprising, like the recipe for coffee BBQ sauce, coffee soda, and coffee ice cream.

If you love the taste of coffee and want to incorporate it into something you can eat, check out his channel for more coffee food recipes.

2. European Coffee Trip

A homepage screenshot of European Coffee Trip's Youtube channel.

The European Coffee Trip YouTube channel might be most interesting to those who want to start a coffee brand or coffee shop, but it’s incredibly informative for anyone who loves coffee and wants to learn more.

Coffee processing

The channel has videos on the roasting of coffee beans and explains how you can even do the roasting process yourself, with information about available machines and the techniques used to do at-home roasting.

That said, you probably won’t find a very extensive explanation about the qualities of all the coffee bean types in any of the videos on the YouTube channels featured here.

If you want to become very familiar with the variety of beans and how the coffee bean choice affects the taste of your coffee, you can find most of the necessary information about coffee beans here on Your Dream Coffee.

Coffee drinks

You can make a lot of different drinks with coffee—cold or hot, with or without alcohol, and incorporating various other tastes.

The European Coffee Trip channel has videos about drinks you can make with coffee to suit the taste of anyone in your company, like coffee cocktails and espresso tonics.

City coffee guides

Some of European Coffee Trip’s videos discuss different coffee spots in big European cities like Antwerp, Ostrava, Athens, Edinburgh, and Prague.

If you’re planning on traveling to any European country as a coffee lover, you should check if there are videos from the channel covering the cities you’re planning on visiting.

It gives you a clear idea of the behind-the-scenes in coffee shops and the atmosphere.

3. Chao Coffee and Tea

A homepage screenshot of Chao Coffee and Tea's Youtube channel.

This YouTube channel is easily the best one for those who want to experiment with different coffee drinks rather than learn about types of coffee and technical information about coffee machines and brewing techniques.

It is the perfect channel for those who are more creative and have some time to spend in the kitchen, as most recipes there take some time to prepare.

Coffee drinks and other drinks

There’s not enough time in the world to try to make all of the coffee drinks (and drinks without coffee) you can find on this channel.

That’s how much variation there is for you to experiment with. The flavor combinations suggested are incredible and very original.

You’re sure to find a drink you will continue to make for the rest of your life.

Some examples of coffee drinks you can find on the YouTube channel are instant coffees, cafe lattes, and iced mochas.

"Iced mocha latte recipe."

Some of the non-coffee drinks you can find on the channel are bubble teas, Korean strawberry milk, fruit teas, and smoothies, amongst other things.

Milk teas

You can find many bubble tea recipes on the Chao Coffee and Tea YouTube channel, like brown sugar cream cheese tea, ube swirl milk tea, and jasmine green tea.

These are great options for when you crave a refreshing drink but don’t want to consume any coffee.

Toppings and add-ins

Not only are there videos describing different add-ins, like syrups, but there are videos explaining how you can make these add-ins yourself.

The channel has excellent syrup recipes, like vanilla and milk syrup.

Besides the syrups, you can find recipes for different flavored foams to top your coffee, like salted cream cheese foam and simple milk foam.

4. Clive Coffee

A homepage screenshot of Clive Coffee's Youtube channel.

Clive Coffee is a YouTube channel with fewer subscribers, but don’t let that fool you. The channel is a coffee-lovers goldmine.

Most of the videos cover the different coffee machines and coffee bean grinders, but there are also videos about coffee art, brewing methods, and various coffee brands.

Coffee machines and grinders

Most channels’ videos explain how to set up different coffee machines and grinders to ensure you don’t struggle to put your investment to use.

It can be confusing if you lack technical knowledge, so a clear and simplified explanation can always come in handy.

They also offer videos on machine overviews for those who aren’t sure which machine to buy.

Coffee machines can be expensive, so it’s better to make an informed decision you won’t regret later on.

Coffee basics

If you are a beginner and want to begin learning the basic steps of making a high-quality coffee, the Clive Coffee YouTube channel videos could be an excellent start for you to build on after you’ve mastered the first few steps.

If you want to learn how to make espresso, you can watch Your Guide to Perfect Home Espresso.

There are also latte art videos for beginners, a video on how to make iced coffee differently, and a cleaning guide for your espresso machine.

Latte with heart-shaped latte art.

If you’re wholly new to the world of coffee, you might want to start by learning the differences between the types of coffee and preparation methods.

As with the types of coffee beans, none of the YouTube channels in this article cover every single coffee type. You can learn more about the subject with my coffee basics series.

5. The Coffee Chronicler

A homepage screenshot of The Coffee Chronicler's Youtube channel.

The Coffee Chronicler, aka Asser, doesn’t post very often, but he has been posting more frequently in the last couple of months.

When he does post, the videos are high-quality and very informative. Asser is Danish and a Q Arabica Grader, which means he has been tested and approved for his ability to grade coffee, making him a professional in his field.

Like James Hoffmann, The Coffee Chronicler has a video on the expensive kopi luwak, or ‘poop coffee.’

However, most of his videos are product reviews of coffee-making equipment, like grinders and espresso machines.

Asser recently posted a video of a coffee brewing method tier list. The video is very interesting and entertaining, and it might teach you a lot about the different brewing methods from a professional’s point of view.

6. Lance Hedrick

A homepage screenshot of Lance Hedrick's Youtube channel.

Hedrick seems to post close to weekly, so you can count on new information frequently. He posts many product review videos but doesn’t refrain from teaching us how to make a high-quality cup of coffee.

The YouTube channel seems to be geared towards more experienced people and even professionals, like baristas.

It might be the best source of information for those who want to expand their coffee-making equipment.

The videos are longer than most of those from the other YouTube channels, so if you don’t have much time to spend, you might want to take a look at some of the other channels.

Product reviews

Most of Lance’s videos are product reviews of anything coffee-related. There’s a more extensive variety of equipment on this channel compared to the others.

Lance posts product reviews on hand grinders, coffee refractometers, cleaning tools, etc. Refractometers are used to check how much the coffee grounds have been infused in the water, indicating the drink’s taste and strength.

This might not be interesting to those who are inexperienced, but if you want to learn more, you can watch the product review video.

Latte art

The channel has over ten videos on latte art, so it’s the perfect source for those more interested in coffee’s aesthetics.

You can learn latte art quickly with the proper guidance, and that’s what Hedrick has to offer.

With simple and straightforward explanations, it’s easier for anyone to learn a new skill.

There are different latte art designs to learn to master, and the videos on the Lance Hendrick YouTube channel offer guidance on multiple of those designs, including the tulip, ripple, swan, and rosetta designs.

Some of these are more challenging than others, but with a short video and some practice, you’ll be able to do them without any issues.

7. Artisti Coffee Roasters

A homepage screenshot of Artisi Coffee Roaster's Youtube channel.

The Artisti Coffee Roasters YouTube channel has a lot of videos covering most coffee-related subjects.

The content is geared towards people with different experience levels and focused interests.

From latte art to product reviews and coffee processing information, everyone can find a video that gives you the information you’ve been looking for.

Barista POV’s

Most of the videos are especially for baristas and wannabe baristas.

The channel shares the experience of baristas on the job and teaches people how to apply specific techniques fast and seemingly effortlessly, as is expected when working in a coffee shop under pressure.

Artisti Coffee Roaster might be the best source for those who want to pursue a career as a barista and prepare and practice for the job to avoid any unnecessary anxiety about learning something completely new under a lot of pressure.

The place you choose to work at might show you different ways to make the various coffees, but you’ll at least be able to build your skills on previously learned ones.

The videos show baristas working a shift alone and in the company of other baristas when it’s calm and busy.

Latte art

The Artisti Coffee Roasters YouTube channel teaches the basics of latte art and shows how to fix the issues you possibly have as a beginner latte artist. This is perfect for beginners reading this article.

The channel has a video showing how to pour a heart design and another rosetta design guide video.

Again, there are videos of baristas practicing latte art, offering you different techniques and portraying how it’s done under pressure. If they can learn it, so can you!


It doesn’t matter if you like your coffee black or with milk; these channels will give the best tips on how to make a great cup of joe.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your coffee-making skills, then be sure to check out one of these fantastic YouTube channels today.

And if you’re keen to learn more about coffee, check out some more informative coffee articles below:

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