To coffee enthusiasts, mochas and lattes can be many things: a drink, a poem, a romance, an adventure … the list goes on. But to the average coffee drinker, they’re nothing more than a cold drink with extras.

That’s why it’s important to understand the primary differences between these two drinks. Though they share some similarities, there are also some pretty big differences.

Read along to find out the difference in taste, calories, caffeine, and so much more!

Iced latte vs. iced mocha: the difference

An iced mocha is a combination of brewed coffee, milk, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. In comparison, an iced latte is made with espresso coffee and milk. Both coffees use iced cubes for a refreshing touch.

Iced latte vs. iced mocha comparison.

To better understand the difference in taste, have a look below for the full breakdown of ingredients and ratios used for each drink:

  • An iced latte is made with 25% espresso coffee and 75% milk of choice.
  • An iced mocha is made with 10% chocolate sauce, 40% brewed coffee, 40% milk of choice, and 10% whipped cream on top.

As you can see, there is a big difference in the coffee used, but also the extra add-ins that are in an iced mocha. Read along to find out about the caffeine difference and much more!

Iced latte vs. iced mocha caffeine difference

There is quite a big difference in caffeine when comparing these coffees because the iced latte uses an espresso shot, and the iced mocha uses brewed coffee.

To compare the differences in caffeine, I’ve made a table showing three brewing methods you can use to make the basis for the iced mocha; this includes the caffeine content:

Brewing technique used:Amount of caffeine for 1/2 cup (0.12 l)
French press110 mg
Hario V6072 mg
Chemex86 mg

As you can see from the table above, each brewing technique has its unique caffeine content. This is based on using half a cup of brewed coffee, which is used to make an iced mocha at home.

On the other hand, one shot of espresso used to make an iced latte has 68 mg caffeine. This is much lower than the caffeine from either of the brewed coffees I’ve listed above. (source)

If you prefer a drink with a lower amount of caffeine, your best pick will be the iced latte.

Is there a calorie difference between an iced latte and an iced mocha?

Because both coffees use different components, there is quite a big difference in calories. Have a look below for the breakdown:

  • An iced latte has a total of 110 calories.
  • On the other hand, an iced mocha has 153 calories.

The biggest number of calories in these drinks is from the milk that is used. I like to use whole milk, which has more calories. If you prefer a lower-fat or even a milk alternative, you’ll significantly lower the number of calories.

Milk in a jar, ready to be used.

An iced mocha has more calories because it has the chocolate sauce and whipped cream added.

I’ve used homemade chocolate sauce for the iced mocha, which is lower in calories than some of the store-bought chocolate sauces, so if you get these drinks at your local coffee bar or Starbucks, the calories may be higher than I’ve mentioned here.

Is an iced mocha a latte?

An iced mocha is different from a latte because it uses chocolate sauce and whipped cream and uses brewed coffee instead of espresso coffee. Both coffees use a good amount of milk.

While there is a big difference between these coffees, there is a middle way if you prefer the taste of mocha and love the strength of lattes; it’s called an iced mocha latte. You can check out the recipe for it here.

Is an iced mocha strong?

An iced mocha is not strong in flavor because of the added sweetness from the whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Because there is espresso coffee in the drink, there will be a robust flavor to it, but this gives it its unique touch.

An iced latte is a bit stronger than an iced mocha. This is because it’s made with just espresso and milk. There is no added sweetness from the chocolate sauce or whipped cream.

Iced mocha finished drink, ready to be served.

However, both coffees don’t taste that strong compared to iced coffee or your morning cup of joe. Both iced coffees use just one espresso and are then topped with milk and different add-ins, making smooth drinks.

Iced latte vs. iced mocha, which is better for you?

When it comes to coffee, we all have our favorites. Some prefer the subtle sweetness of a latte, while others crave the rich boldness of a mocha.

Iced latte vs. iced mocha compared next to each other.
The iced latte on the left and iced mocha on the right.

If you still can’t decide which suits you best, I recommend the following, depending on your flavor preference:

  • An iced latte is perfect for you if you love a perfectly balanced not-so-strong coffee that is very refreshing.
  • If you prefer a sweeter iced coffee and love the notes of chocolate in your coffee, an iced mocha is perfect for you.

Choosing your favorite out of the two can be quite hard. I suggest trying out both coffees and tasting them next to each other to notice the biggest flavor differences yourself.

If you’re interested, you can check out my recipes for an iced latte and iced mocha. This way, you can try them out yourself, from the comfort of your own home!

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This comparison was fun to write. Both coffees are an excellent choice for the upcoming summer months. And now that you know the difference between the two, you can order your favorite the next time around!

I prefer drinking an iced latte over an iced mocha because I’m not a big fan of a sweetened cup of coffee in the morning. But every so often, drinking an iced mocha is the perfect way to start my day.

If you like to read about the differences between coffees, have a look below. I’ve listed a few more coffee comparisons that are a great read.

Which of the two coffees do you prefer? Let me know by leaving a comment down below. If you have any other questions regarding coffee, you can also contact me directly by pressing the “Contact Me” button at the top!

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