If you like iced coffee but are looking for something a little more stimulating than the average cup, your quest for the best iced coffee recipe ever might end here — the iced doppio espresso hits all the right spots.

The best part about this recipe is that you can make it in less than five minutes and customize it with many add-ins of your choice.

In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know before getting into the recipe so that you can make this refreshing coffee at home. Let’s get started!

What is an iced doppio espresso?

An iced doppio espresso is a double shot of espresso that has been poured over ice. It’s a popular drink among coffee lovers because it provides a strong caffeine kick.

It’s similar to an iced Americano, but the main difference is that the double shot of espresso makes it one of the strongest drinks you can get on a hot day.

You can customize this coffee with a sweetener, a splash of milk, or you can enjoy it as basic as it gets without adding anything to it.

Whichever way you prefer, I’ll go over some of my favorite ways you can make this drink. But first, let’s get into the ingredients that are needed:

What ingredients are needed to make this recipe?

You can make an iced doppio espresso with just two main ingredients. You’ll need:

  • Two espresso shots (commonly referred to as a doppio espresso)
  • Ice cubes

Some people find that a doppio can be too strong and prefer using an espresso instead. If you prefer a sweeter drink, an iced espresso might be the better option for you. Check out this recipe to learn more about it.

With that being said, you can check the difference between a doppio and espresso below:

What is the difference between a doppio and espresso?

First, let’s clear up a common misconception: a doppio is not simply two espresso shots. A doppio is actually a double shot of espresso, meaning that twice the amount of coffee grounds are used to produce the drink.

A doppio is a double shot of espresso, while an espresso is a single shot. The doppio has twice the amount of coffee as an espresso, making it a more potent drink.

If you’re looking for a stronger coffee option, go with the doppio. However, stick to an espresso if you’re trying to limit your caffeine intake.

Single and doppio espresso next to each other.
Single espresso on the left. Doppio on the right

Are you interested in learning more about the differences between these drinks? Check out this complete guide!

Which coffee beans work well for this recipe?

Beans used for espresso are typically a darker roast and will produce a more intense flavor when used in an espresso machine. You can, however, use any coffee roast to make espresso at home. Learn more about why this is here.

However, many coffee drinkers prefer lighter roasts for iced coffee, so it’s really up to personal preference.

Some of my favorite beans for espresso are those that have a bright, fruity flavor that is perfect for summertime drinks.

Dark roasted coffee beans.

However, you can use any type of bean for this iced coffee. If you like a certain flavor profile or if you want to experiment with different blends, go ahead and see how it turns out!

You can check out my favorite coffee beans for espresso here.

Alternatively, in this article, you can find some amazing coffee beans that work well for making cold brew (and also for this iced doppio espresso).

Different ways you can customize an iced doppio espresso

There are many ways you can customize your iced doppio espresso. Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite ways:

  • Add something with chocolate. The robust coffee flavors pair well with chocolate notes. Chocolate syrup will stir in easier than chocolate sauce, but if you combine chocolate sauce with a different add-in, it will look nicer.
  • Whipped cream is a great way to add decadence to your iced drink. You can add just a little for a boost in flavor.
  • Splash of milk. This can be dairy or your favorite milk alternative. For example, if you add some oat milk, you’re making a stronger version of the iced oat milk latte!
  • Coffee syrup with your preferred flavor is fantastic to add to this drink. There are many homemade coffee syrups you can make at home. You can check them out here.
Chocolate syrup, ready to use.
Homemade chocolate syrup

Now that you know about all the ways you can customize this coffee, you can put it to the test by following the recipe listed below:

Iced Doppio Espresso

Homemade iced doppio espresso.

This refreshing iced doppio espresso can be made in just five minutes and can be customized to your taste!

Prep Time 3 minutes
Additional Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • One doppio espresso (2 oz or 60 ml)
  • Ice cubes


  1. Start by brewing your doppio espresso.
  2. After brewing your espresso coffee, let it cool slightly.
  3. You can speed up the cooling process by adding an ice cube to it.
  4. Fill a glass to about halfway with ice cubes.
  5. Slowly pour in the cooled doppio espresso.
  6. If you prefer, you can add your favorite add-ins to the drink. Use one of the above-listed add-ins or other add-ins that you love!
  7. Serve the drink with a straw and enjoy while slowly sipping on it!


If you prefer making the iced doppio espresso to start your day, you can consider brewing the espresso coffee before heading to bed and letting it cool in the fridge. That way, you can quickly put this drink together first thing in the morning!

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Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 1

How many calories are in an iced doppio espresso?

There are about 25-50 calories in an iced doppio espresso. Most of those calories come from the coffee syrup and milk that is usually added.

If you don’t plan on adding any type of sweetener or other add-ins to your drink, it’ll have virtually no calories. That’s because only coffee and ice cubes are used in this case.

This means it’s a great low-calorie drink that is refreshing and tastes great in warmer weather!


So, there you have it! My guide on how to make the perfect iced doppio espresso at home.

I hope this article has helped demystify the process and given you all the tools you need to start making delicious iced espressos yourself.

As always, feel free to experiment with different ratios of coffee to milk (or other add-ins) until you find what works best for you. And most importantly, enjoy!

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