You’ve probably seen videos of dogs ravenously devouring Puppuccinos online. You can find these tiny cups of creamy goodness at Starbucks in-store and in their drive-thru.

Quick Answer: What is a Puppuccino?

A Puppuccino is a whipped cream treat served in a small espresso cup for dogs. You can order a Puppuccino by asking the barista for one or get extra whipped cream with your order to share with your dog.

What Is a Puppuccino? (The Starbucks Secret Menu for Dogs)

I’ll tell you how you can get a Puppuccino at Starbucks and give you some ideas on making some at home for your pet.

Read along to find out what goes into a Puppuccino and whether it is safe for your pup to eat!

What is the Puppuccino made of?

A Puppuccino (a “puppy cappuccino” or “pup cup”) is Starbucks’ whipped cream made using their in-house recipe.

They make it using heavy cream and a dash of vanilla syrup—and Starbucks ensures that they make the cream with pet-friendly ingredients, so it is safe for dogs in moderation.

Starbucks puppuccino in a small cup.

Is a Puppuccino safe for dogs?

Puppuccinos are safe for canine consumption. However, dogs can only have cream in moderation.

Whipped cream contains many calories and fat, so like humans, dogs can’t have too much of it as it is not suitable for their health.

It is best to check with your local vet if your dog can handle dairy products. Some dogs may have allergies or a sensitive stomach.

So, if you’re concerned about feeding your puppy a Puppuccino the first time, maybe let them have a taste test and see if there are any side effects.

Dogs can be lactose intolerant—which means your pet has trouble digesting milk. Watch out for the following symptoms after a Puppuccino to see if your dog is having tummy troubles:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Bloating
  • Passing gas

What happens when dogs have too many Puppuccinos?

Too many sweet treats are not suitable for any pet. Dogs will suffer from several health issues when they consume too much cream, such as:

  • Pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a severe illness that requires immediate medical attention. A major proponent of this condition is when a dog cannot digest high-fat foods served in a single sitting.
  • Obesity. The high amount of fat in the cream can cause a dog to gain weight if you don’t monitor your pup’s intake.
  • Diabetes. Starbucks’ puppuccinos contain sugar syrup, which can lead to diabetes if not appropriately managed.

Puppuccinos should be given to pups only in moderation and as an occasional reward or treat to avoid the above issues.

According to veterinarian nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Bullen, treat calories should not exceed ten percent of a dog’s total diet for the day.

So, the amount of whipped cream you can feed your pet varies according to weight, size, and recommended calorie intake.

The calorie value in a standard Puppuccino ranges from 120 to 240 calories (500 to 1,000 kJ), depending on whether it is an espresso or a short cup.

So it may not be a good idea to let a Dachshund finish a whole cup, while it might be okay for a Golden Retriever to have the entire thing.

Still, Puppuccinos are better off as an occasional treat. As long as your furkid doesn’t experience health problems after a pup cup, it is alright to let them indulge in a full cup sometimes.

How to get a Puppuccino

You can get a Starbucks pup cup at any store. It’s similar to just ordering extra whipped cream.

All you need to do is ask the barista for a Puppuccino, and they will serve it in an espresso or a short cup for your dog to enjoy.

Tip: A Puppuccino can also be called a pup cup at Starbucks!

As this item is a Secret Menu item, you won’t find it on the physical or app menu. To order a Puppuccino, you will need to be at the store in person to get it.

The best part is that Puppuccinos are free. However, out of courtesy, it is probably a good idea to tip the server giving it to you or order it together with your favorite drink.

If you’re not keen on giving your pup a full cup to themselves, you can ask for some extra whipped cream on the side together with your order instead.

Can you make a Puppuccino at home?

Not a regular at your local Starbucks? You can still whip up Puppuccinos for your pet at home.

It is essentially whipped cream—so you can get the ingredients at any grocery store and learn how to make it yourself.

The essential ingredients of whipped cream are:

However, you will need a specialized canister to process the heavy cream to make the kind of fluffy whipped cream you get at Starbucks.

You can check out this iSi North America Gourmet Cream Whipper (available on Amazon) that comes with all the accessories you need to customize your cream whipping experience.

It is also dishwasher safe and has replaceable parts.

You can make cold foam if you don’t have the tools to whip cream.

Cold foam is similar to whipped cream. Both use the same ingredients, but the former isn’t as fluffy and thick as the latter because you add a bit of milk into the mix.

Homemade vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

Check out my vanilla sweet cream cold foam recipe if you want to make some at home.

This recipe is super easy — it takes five minutes to make, and you can do it with a blender or handheld mixer.


A Puppuccino is whipped cream served in a cup meant for your pup. You can get it at any Starbucks store for free, but it is only available as a Secret Menu item.

Puppuccinos are high in calories, fats, and sugar, so feed them to your pet in moderation.

If your dog loves these pup cups, they are fine as an occasional treat or reward them for being a good doggy!

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