You’ll have likely heard of Americano as a coffee drink before, but you may or may not know what it actually is.

It’s not as simple as it might seem, given that it’s a coffee “drink”, so to speak. The Americano is an espresso-based hot drink that comes in many varieties, such as this blonde Americano. But what is it?

A blonde Americano is an espresso drink made with a single shot of espresso and topped with hot water to produce a similar drink to coffee. The espresso is made from Starbucks’ blonde roasted coffee beans, which have been roasted to be lighter and milder in flavor than their darker counterparts.

In this article, I’ll go in-depth about this coffee drink. I’ll cover all the questions you may have and give you a complete recipe, so you can give this drink a go at home!

What is a blonde Americano?

A blonde Americano is a popular espresso-based Starbucks drink. It’s made using a blonde espresso shot and double the amount of hot water. You can add various add-ins to customize it.

Blonde Americano coffee.

It’s a popular drink among those who love the taste of espresso but find traditional coffee drinks too strong or bitter. The addition of hot water dilutes the espresso and makes it easier to drink.

It’s the perfect way to start any day, and it’s equally good for curbing that afternoon slump or warming you up if you’re drinking it in the evening.

What ingredients are needed for this recipe?

For a blonde Americano, you will need:

  • An espresso shot made from Starbucks blonde roasted coffee
  • Hot water
  • Optional: a sweetener and milk or creamer

To keep this coffee recipe as simple and as quick to make, you’ll just need two main ingredients, the blonde espresso, and hot water.

All the ingredients that you need to make a blonde Americano at home.

You can choose to add a coffee syrup, a coffee creamer, or even a splash of milk.

If you’re interested, you can check out my guide to making an Americano with milk. I’ll go into detail about how much milk to add and how the flavor will differ when using steamed and foamed milk in it.

You can also make an Americano Misto using blonde espresso, the complete recipe for it can be found here.

What is blonde roasted coffee?

Blonde roast coffee is the lightest roast at Starbucks. It’s a smooth, mild coffee with a sweetness that’s balanced by low acidity.

Blonde roast is a light roast coffee that is sweeter than other roasts. It is named for its light color, ranging from blonde to medium brown.

Blonde roast coffee beans.
Blonde roasted coffee beans

Many people believe that lighter roasts retain more of the coffee’s natural flavors and sugars, whereas darker roasts can be bitter and taste burned.

You can check out this comparison of blonde and dark roasted coffee beans if you’re interested in finding out the differences between them.

Blonde roast coffees are made from Arabica beans that have been roasted for a shorter time than most other roasts to preserve more of the bean’s flavor and natural sugars.

The result is a mellow cup with nuanced flavors and a satisfying caramel sweetness.

What does a blonde Americano taste like?

Blonde Americanos are generally smoother and sweeter than regular Americanos, and some people may find them more palatable if they don’t enjoy the strong flavor of regular coffee.

It’s made with blonde roast coffee beans, which have been roasted for a shorter amount of time than regular roasts, so they are lighter in color and have a more subtle flavor.

A regular Americano will have more of a smoky, earthy flavor because it is made from dark roasted coffee beans.

Starbucks blonde roast.

The taste of a blonde Americano is perfect for any time of the day as well. I like to drink it in the morning to slowly wake up with the smell of coffee.

Now that you know about this coffee, it’s time to make it yourself. You can follow the steps listed in the recipe card below:

Blonde Americano

Homemade blonde Americano.

Make a delicious blonde Americano with this 5-minute recipe!

Prep Time 3 minutes
Additional Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • One Blonde espresso shot (1 oz or 30 ml)
  • 2 oz (60 ml) of hot water
  • Optional: a sweetener to taste (or a splash of milk)


  1. Brew the espresso shot with your preferred method. I like using a Moka pot because it's really easy to use.
  2. Bring the water to a boil.
  3. Add the blonde espresso shot to a glass of choice.
  4. Pour the off-the-boil water into the glass.
  5. Stir to combine well.
  6. Your blonde Americano is now ready to drink. For added sweetness, you can add a homemade syrup or a splash of milk.


You can make a bigger cup of coffee by doubling the ingredients. Additionally, you can make a stronger coffee by adding an additional espresso shot to your blonde Americano.

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Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 5

How many calories are in a blonde Americano?

A blonde Americano has very few calories – only about 5. That’s because it’s mostly just espresso shots with added water.

A lot of people think that all coffee is high in calories, but that’s not the case.

Black coffee has virtually no calories. Other Starbucks drinks like a blonde latte, for example, are higher in calories because it has added milk.

The number of calories will be higher if you like to add a sweetener of a different add-in to your Americano.

How much caffeine is in a blonde Americano?

A blonde Americano has 85mg of caffeine. This is based on using one blonde espresso shot as the basis for this coffee.

You can make your blonde Americano stronger in caffeine by adding an additional espresso shot.

Freshly brewed espresso coffee.

Did you know that blonde espresso is higher in caffeine than a dark roast? You can find more information about it here.

In that article, I’ll go in-depth about the differences between blonde and dark roasted coffee beans and their caffeine content.


This article has been a complete guide to making an authentic, blonde Americano at home. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you go out and make this delicious drink for yourself tonight.

The step-by-step guide was easy to follow, and with a few simple ingredients, you can have yourself a delicious cup of blonde Americano in no time!

Most often, I prefer the taste of the blonde Americano over a regular Americano made with darker roasted coffee beans.

This recipe is perfect to start your coffee journey, or if you want a coffee that is subtle in taste while still being robust enough to taste that delicious espresso flavor.

If you’d like to use your blonde roasted coffee beans for some more coffee recipes, you can have a look below for some of my favorite espresso-based drinks.

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