Java chips are similar to chocolate chips, but they’re used primarily in blended drinks.

They’ve become increasingly popular with the introduction of Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino, but if they’re not the same as chocolate chips, what exactly are they?

Quick Answer: What are java chips?

Java chips are chocolate chips that are primarily added to blended drinks because they’re easier to melt and blend than regular chocolate chips. This is because they don’t contain as much cocoa as chocolate chips.

What Are Java Chips: Everything You Need to Know

This article will explain what java chips are in more detail. It’ll also explain what they’re used for, how they’re different from other chocolate chips, and things you can use instead of java chips, so be sure to keep reading to learn more.

Are java chips the same as chocolate chips?

Java chips aren’t the same as chocolate chips because they’re made specifically for blending in with coffee.

In general, java chips and chocolate chips have different cocoa levels. Java chips are easier to melt and mix compared to chocolate chips.

Java chips, made famous by Starbucks, are commonly used in blended iced coffees.

Although there’s some chocolate in the Starbucks java chips, they’re legally not allowed to call them chocolate chips because they don’t contain enough cocoa

Chocolate chips can be eaten alone or baked in a batter, whereas java chips are made to be melted or blended.

If you were to eat java chips by themselves, they likely wouldn’t taste like the chocolate you’re used to eating, but they’d still taste sweet.

What do java chips taste like?

Java chips mostly taste like chocolate. Although ‘java’ is in the name (a nickname for coffee), java chips have no coffee flavor. When blended in with coffee, they give the drink a sweet and chocolatey flavor. 

Java chips are a great addition to coffee for people who have a sweet tooth and don’t like the bitterness of coffee. They have a similar taste to regular chocolate when blended with coffee.

What are java chips used for?

As the name suggests, java chips are used to blend in with coffee. They’re similar to chocolate in looks and flavor, but they blend easier than regular chocolate chips.

Although their primary use is for coffee, you can also eat them normally or use them in baking.

Below are some different ways you can use java chips:

In blended drinks

The most common use for java chips is to blend them into a drink of coffee. The chips are usually mixed with ice, coffee, milk, and syrup to create a sweet and chocolatey drink.

When the drink is finished, you can top it off with whipped cream and add more java chips for decoration, like this iced coffee with whipped cream:

Homemade iced coffee with whipped cream.

In baking

If you’re stuck and don’t have regular chocolate chips, you can use java chips instead.

Whether you’re baking cookies, brownies, or cakes, using java chips will help give your food some extra sweetness.

Although you can use java chips for baking, you should only use them as a last resort.

Since java chips generally don’t contain as much cocoa as regular chips, it’s best to use them for added chocolate richness.

On their own or with ice cream

It’s also possible to eat java chips on their own or with ice cream. They may not taste quite as good as regular chocolate, but they’re a good alternative if you have nothing else in the cupboard. 

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to add sweetness to your ice cream, java chips are a viable option.

Are there any java chip substitutes?

There are a few different things that you can use instead of java chips, including cocoa powder, regular chocolate chips, or a bar of chocolate that you’ve cut up.

Although they may not blend as well as java chips, they’ll still be effective in giving your drink a sweet, chocolatey flavor.

Cocoa powder in a small bowl.
Cocoa powder

Read below if you want to learn more about java chip substitutes.

  • Cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is an excellent substitute for java chips because it’s rich in flavor and blends easily. However, java chips often leave bits of solid chocolate throughout the mixture. On the other hand, when using cocoa powder, there won’t be any bits of chocolate. Therefore, some people find using cocoa powder less desirable than using java chips.
  • Regular chocolate chips. Using unsweetened chocolate chips is another alternative to java chips. Since they’re not made for blending, they won’t mix as well. However, they’re a viable option if you have no other alternative.
  • Bar of chocolate. You can use a bar of chocolate instead of java chips. All you need to do is cut it into small chocolate chips and blend it in just like you would with java chips. Be aware that chocolate with more cocoa content naturally contains more caffeine. Therefore, using darker chocolate will add even more caffeine to your coffee.
  • Syrup. Another substitute for java chips is syrup, like Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Instead of blending solid chocolate chips, you can mix syrup with your drink. Mixing syrup with your Frappuccino mix is a quick and easy way to make a delicious blended iced drink. You can also make your own with this chocolate syrup recipe.

Why aren’t java chips called chocolate chips?

Java chips aren’t called chocolate chips because they’re explicitly used for coffee. Since java is a nickname for coffee, the name java chip was given to these chocolate chips.

In many cases, however, people call java chips chocolate chips because they often look the same.

In casual conversation, it’s perfectly acceptable to refer to java chips as chocolate chips. However, they can’t be referred to as chocolate chips if sold in a commercial setting, as the cocoa content is too low.

Starbucks is the most well-known company that uses java chips rather than chocolate chips. It often refers to the java chips as ‘chocolatey chips‘ or Frappuccino chips because they aren’t considered real chocolate chips. 

Are java chips the same as Frappuccino chips?

Java chips are the same as Frappuccino chips. Starbucks trademarked the word ‘Frappuccino,’ so the chips are now known as Frappuccino chips for marketing purposes. The Frappuccino chips that Starbucks uses are the same as java chips.

Since Starbucks trademarked the term Frappuccino, other companies can’t refer to java chips as Frappuccino chips.

So, if you ever notice Starbucks referring to its chocolate chips as ‘Frappuccino’ chips or ‘chocolate’ chips, you now know why!

Can you make a java chip Frappuccino with chocolate chips instead?

You can make a Starbucks knock-off java chip Frappuccino from home by using chocolate chips instead of java chips. To ensure that it blends easily and tastes good, make sure you use high-quality chocolate or chocolate chips.

A dark chocolate bar.
Dark chocolate

To make a delicious java Frappuccino at home with chocolate chips instead of java chips, all you need are the following ingredients:

  • Coffee
  • Ice cubes
  • Milk
  • Chocolate syrup
  • High-quality chocolate chips
  • Whipped cream (optional)

How to make a java chip Frappuccino with chocolate chips

Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare your coffee. It can be instant, brewed, ground, or whatever you prefer.
  2. Put everything in a blender. Put your coffee, milk, ice, chocolate chips, and syrup in a blender.
  3. Blend until smooth. You usually won’t need to blend for more than 30-40 seconds.
  4. Pour into a glass. Once mixed, you can pour the mixture into a glass and apply whipped cream on top. You can also drizzle more syrup on top for an aesthetically pleasing drink, although this step is optional.

For more information, check out my full homemade java chip Frappuccino recipe here!

Are java chips vegan?

Java chips are generally not vegan because they usually contain milk. The Starbucks java chips have milk in them, for example.

However, it’s possible to make a vegan-friendly java chip drink at home using vegan chocolate chips or certain brands of dark chocolate.

Before choosing which chocolate chips to use, always make sure they’re suitable for your dietary needs. While some dark chocolates are completely vegan-friendly, others may not be. If you’re unsure, do some research beforehand.

Are java chips gluten-free?

Java chips aren’t gluten-free because they contain ingredients such as wheat. If you’re looking for a gluten-free drink at Starbucks, you can ask the barista to remove certain elements, such as java chips and syrup.

Alternatively, you can make a gluten-free drink at home.

Since most processed chocolates contain gluten, you need to be careful when making or ordering a drink that contains chocolate or java chips.

While chocolate in its purest form doesn’t contain gluten, it’s usually combined with gluten-rich ingredients.

Final thoughts

Java chips are most commonly associated with Starbucks’ blended Frappuccinos. They’re similar to regular chocolate chips but generally contain less cocoa.

Since they have less cocoa, they’re easier to melt and blend.

They’re primarily used in blended drinks but can be used for other things if necessary.

You can substitute java chips with regular chocolate chips, cocoa powder, chocolate bars, or syrup. 

Now that you know more about java chips, you can make a delicious drink at home or order one from a coffee shop!

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