For many people, Starbucks is a once-in-a-while expense reserved for special occasions, particularly for those on a budget.

Your birthday can be a great time to treat yourself to your favorite Starbucks drink, especially if it’s free. So, how do you get your Starbucks birthday drink?

This article explains how the Starbucks Rewards program works and how you can use it to receive a free drink on your birthday.

Quick Answer: How to get free Starbucks on your birthday

You can get your Starbucks birthday drink through Starbucks Rewards. By signing up and including your birth date on your profile, you’re eligible for a free drink or another item every year your account is active.

Let’s go more in-depth now on how to claim your Starbucks birthday reward!

Starbucks Birthday Drink: Here’s How to Get Yours

How to earn and redeem a free birthday drink from Starbucks

Unfortunately, you can’t just walk up to the counter at Starbucks and expect the barista to believe it’s your birthday.

You must be a part of the Starbucks Rewards program to be eligible for a free birthday drink. Joining is simple and requires little effort on your part.

What is the Starbucks Rewards program?

The Starbucks Rewards program allows customers to accumulate points (called “Stars”) when they make a qualifying purchase.

Many stores and restaurants have similar rewards programs with their own unique systems and benefits.

However, not all Starbucks locations participate in the Rewards program, so check with your local store before redeeming any points or offers.

How do I receive Starbucks rewards?

You need to join the program and create an account to receive Starbucks rewards. The only required information is your first and last name, an email address, and a unique password.

Adding your birthday is optional, but you won’t be eligible for a free birthday drink if you don’t add a birth date to your account.

You earn Stars when you make a purchase, including beverages, pastries, and merchandise.

Medicine ball drink from Starbucks.

The more you buy these items from Starbucks, the more Stars you’ll earn and the more rewards you can redeem.

One Star is equivalent to $1 spent, meaning if you purchase a drink for $5, you’ll earn 5 Stars.

You can earn more Stars using different payment methods. For instance, if you load a Starbucks gift card onto your Rewards account and use it for purchases, you earn 2 Stars per $1 spent.

In addition to making purchases, you can earn Stars through Star codes. These are occasionally made available through various promotional materials, and the amount of Stars a code is worth will vary.

Codes have expiration dates and can only be used within a certain time frame, and there may be other restrictions based on the promotional material attached to the Star code.

If you want to get the most out of your next Starbucks visit, consider reading this article about the best ways to earn Stars at Starbucks!

How do I redeem Starbucks rewards?

You can use Stars any time you make a purchase at a participating Starbucks location, and you don’t have to use your rewards points as soon as you earn them.

Stars are valid to use up to 6 months after you earn them.

You can place an order and redeem Stars ahead of time using the Starbucks mobile app and pick it up in the store.

This is convenient when you’re in a rush and don’t want to wait for your drink to be made.

How many Starbucks reward points do I need for a birthday drink?

Starbucks Rewards are organized into five tiers:

  • 25 Stars
  • 50 Stars
  • 150 Stars
  • 200 Stars
  • 400 Stars

Each tier unlocks a different perk, and you can find out more by visiting the Starbucks website.

A free birthday drink is not locked behind one of these tiers, and to be eligible, you need to do the following:

  • Join the Rewards program at least seven days before your birthday.
  • Make at least one Star-earning transaction before your birthday each year.
  • Redeem the drink on your birthday.

If you have the Starbucks mobile app on your phone, you’ll receive a message two days before your birthday reminding you about your free drink.

Can I choose any free Starbucks drink on my birthday?

Unfortunately, there are some limitations on what items you can redeem on your birthday.

As described in the Starbucks Rewards Terms of Use, the birthday reward excludes the following items:

  • Multi-serve food or beverage items
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Merchandise and packaged coffee
  • Items available at Starbucks Roastery and Princi locations

What else can I use my Starbucks rewards for?

You don’t have to wait until your birthday to benefit from the Starbucks Rewards program.

After earning enough Stars, you can redeem various menu items without charge any day of the year.

Another great perk is making unique additions and changes to your drinks without paying extra.

Starbucks coffee mug with logo.

For a more detailed explanation of what to order and how to make customizations at Starbucks, take a look at this guide for some tips.

It’s important to remember that once you redeem your Stars, they are removed from your account, and the same amount of Stars can’t be used for more than one transaction.

Think of them as Starbucks’ own currency; you exchange Stars for special perks instead of spending real-world money.

To ensure you get the best Starbucks experience, make sure to read up on how to get a free refill here!

The best birthday drinks at Starbucks

Although there are certain limitations on what you can get for free at Starbucks on your birthday, there’s a wide selection of what you can choose.

If you aren’t sure what exactly to spend your Starbucks birthday reward on, here are a few recommendations:

  • Sugar cookie almond milk latte: this hot drink is a combination of Starbucks’ blonde espresso and steamed almond milk. It also includes sugar, cookie-flavored syrup, and a topping of sprinkles.
  • Iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso: this iced drink is Starbucks’ blonde espresso sweetened with brown sugar and cinnamon and finished with oat milk.
  • Strawberry crème Frappuccino: this blended drink is made with ice, milk, and strawberry puree, with a layer of extra puree. It’s finished off with whipped cream.

These are just a few recommendations, but you can choose any handcrafted drink you like.

You can choose to customize a Frappuccino to get a one-of-a-kind drink tailor-made for you!

Starbucks matcha Frappuccino, ready to drink.
Starbucks matcha Frappuccino

In this article, you can check out the Frappuccinos that are currently available at Starbucks.

Final thoughts

You need to be enrolled and active in the Starbucks Rewards program to receive a free birthday drink.

It’s a great way to benefit from your visits and purchases beyond the drinks and food you buy. The perk of a free birthday drink is the easiest and most satisfying part.

All that’s left now is to enjoy your free drink on your birthday!

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