As of 2022, Instagram has over 125 million photos tagged with the hashtag coffee. Coffee is a hot topic, and more and more influencers are becoming what are known as coffee influencers.

These influencers post inspiring and educational pictures that capture the heart of coffee.

Quick Answer: What are the best coffee Instagram accounts?

The best coffee influencer Instagram accounts to follow include Junichi Yamaguchi, Asaf Rauch, Barista Hustle, Perfect Daily Grind, and Coffee Cups of the World. These, and many more, are packed full of inspiration, education, and discovery. You’ll always learn something new!

Best Coffee Influencer Instagram Accounts to Follow

Today, it’s time to take an in-depth look at what these influencers are putting out there and see what new things you can discover.

Let’s get started with influencer number one.

1. Junichi Yamaguchi

A screenshot of Junichi Yamaguchi's Instagram account.

Junichi Yamaguchi is a Japanese latte artist based in Kyoto, Japan. His account centers around his various latte creations, pastries, and sauces – all presented in a super artsy way.

Apart from the lattes, Junichi’s specialty is his homemade canelés, a classic French delicacy.

The account features various types of coffees, designs, and backgrounds. Most of the pictures are taken in Junichi’s shop, but here and there are pictures of the natural Japanese landscape in the background.

This influencer’s time in creating the perfect image cannot be overstated. Clearly, he always looks for the perfect angle and lighting and focuses on creating the masterpiece we see on his Instagram.

The coffee Junichi posts are delicate and light. This Instagram is for the person who sees coffee as an art and coffee making as a lifestyle.

2. Asaf Ruach

A screenshot of Asaf Ruach's Instagram account.

Asaf Ruach is the owner of Barista Swag. The company manufactures pouring pitchers for latte art. As such, this account is centered on latte art in all shapes and forms.

Most of Asaf’s content is focused on either detailing some of his pouring pitchers or making the lattes themselves.

Each video is a masterpiece displaying how to create leaves, hearts, and other designs.

The best part about this account is how much you can learn from it. In many videos, Asaf does slow-motion tutorials of his designs, and it’s a fantastic place to get started in latte art.

3. Barista Hustle

A screenshot of Barista Hustle's Instagram account.

Barista Hustle is about more than just pretty coffee pictures. This influencer account is an entire online learning platform.

You can learn everything from how to make a latte to how coffee beans get processed worldwide.

Whether you want to learn the basics or more advanced information, this account is the place to do it.

Barista Hustle also does interviews with various coffee industry experts, so you can also learn from them.

4. Perfect Daily Grind

A screenshot of Perfect Daily Grind's Instagram account.

The Perfect Daily Grind focuses on all things related to the coffee industry. This influencer account is a media and news company, but the main focus is on what’s happening in the coffee world.

They discuss things like understanding the various types of roasts, your role in the coffee community, and whether or not things like reusable cups are actually important.

The focus is on creating long-term sustainability in the coffee world and educating the general populace on how the coffee industry works.

A large amount of the page is specifically dedicated to question-and-answer posts about various topics. Some of the questions you find include:

  • Are specialty coffee shops becoming more common in airports?
  • How are coffee capsules manufactured and filled?
  • Why should coffee competitors attend origin trips?
Illy Nespresso capsules in a box.

These tidbits answer tons of questions about the coffee industry as a whole and are great educational clips.

5. Coffee Cups of the World

A screenshot of Coffee Cups Of The World's Instagram account.

This account is exactly what it sounds like – it displays coffee cups from all over the world.

You can spend hours browsing through entire collections of photos. While this might sound boring upfront, it’s fascinating once you get into it.

As you scroll through, you’ll notice that every cup has a different design. While many cups we see daily are plain or have only a logo, this influencer has found cups with all sorts of interesting designs.

Many of the cups come with catchy phrases and art that make you not want to throw the cup away when you reach the end of the coffee. Some of the cups even feature art that is hand-drawn.

With designs ranging from cute cartoons to exotic mosaics, you can always see a small part of the city from which these coffee cups hail.

6. Coffee Sesh

A screenshot of Coffee Sesh's Instagram account.

When it comes to this influencer account, I think their own description identifies them best. “Coffee Sesh is the name, coffee education is our game.”

This account focuses on educating you in all things related to coffee, from how to make simple brewed coffee to how to make specialty drinks. They cover latte art, iced coffee, and even teas.

One of the main goals is to ensure people are educated on which coffee is which, deciphering between americanos, espressos, flat whites, macchiatos, cappuccinos, mochas, and lattes.

Coffee Sesh gets extra artsy when the holidays roll around, displaying reindeer and Christmas tree latte art. They even know how to make Olaf from Frozen.

There are also jokes and fun things to laugh out throughout your scrolling, so it’s not all serious education.

7. Timothy B. Hill

Timothy is the roasting master at Counter Culture, and it’s pretty clear that he knows coffee.

He’s traveled all around the world, meeting the new faces of the coffee industry, examining how coffee is being farmed, and bringing back the most exotic beans to the United States.

His Instagram is filled with photos of different types of coffee, coffee-related events, and how to find the perfect grain and grind.

Geisha coffee beans.

This influencer account isn’t enormously educational, but it’s still full of all kinds of valuable resources.

Most of what you’ll see here are pictures of the actual coffee growing process – the parts you never really get to see.

There are also descriptions of how coffee makes its way from places like Ethiopia to the United States, Japan, or England.

Whatever you’re looking for, the diversity on this page probably makes room for it. Check him out!

8. Morgan Eckroth

A screenshot of Morgan Eckroth's Instagram account.

Morgan Eckroth is the 2022 United States Barista Champion, and now she’s operating as “your friendly internet barista.”

Morgan spends her time in various role-playing scenarios of interactions she’s had with customers, making drinks and other coffee-related items.

Morgan’s goal is to teach her followers how to interact in a coffee shop setting and give them a picture of life as a barista.

While other coffee influencer accounts are filled with latte art, Morgan’s account starkly contrasts.

She is relatable and real in her account. Some of her posts are about normal life, and others are jokes making fun of the day-to-day problems a barista faces.

However, the one thing that is clear in Morgan’s posts is that she is extremely knowledgeable about all things barista-related.

9. Andy Anderson

A screenshot of Andy Anderson's Instagram account.

Andy Anderson posts images of coffee in all types of settings. He has a fantastic way of connecting the wilderness with the comfort that coffee brings.

As the owner of Man Make Coffee, Andy is both on a journey to display all his new coffee creations and bring the world together through a love of coffee.

The thing that makes this account so unique is the eclectic variety of pictures. Andy’s posts are so far outside the normal barista pictures, but something about them still draws you in.

If there’s one thing that’s clear about Andy Anderson, it’s that he’s taken creativity to a whole new level.

10. Etaf Rum

A screenshot of Etaf Rum's Instagram account.

If the idea of reading a good book while drinking your morning coffee sounds like the perfect day for you, then you’re in for a treat with Etaf Rum’s account.

Etaf is an author, literature professor, and coffee shop owner. He has found a creative way to combine his love of both books and coffee, posting pictures of all his favorite books beside one of his coffee creations.

The best part of this account is that you get a two-for-one deal, discovering new books while still enjoying learning about your favorite coffees and seeing gorgeous latte art.

In addition to his coffee and book posts, Etaf’s pics contain some of his favorite foods from his coffee shop.

Etaf has truly taken creativity and run with it.

11. Vivian

A screenshot of Vivian's Instagram account.

Vivian, who goes by the Instagram name coffeebae97, is all about making your coffee unique.

This influencer is about more than just simple drinks; she spends her time making you fall in love with new coffee creations.

This account is anything but typical and features every kind of drink you can think of – iced, hot, frozen, or mixed.

Vivian also features various teas. She even finds creative and tasty ways to make drinks from instant coffee.

Instant coffee.

You can find Vivian adding all sorts of uncommon ingredients to her coffees, including oranges, kiwis, corn, and pomegranates.

For Vivian, traditionalism is the enemy, and life is about finding your uniqueness.

Vivian has also taken many of her coffee creations, turned them into her personal brand of products, and now sells them online.

12. Giulia Bernardelli

A screenshot of Giulia Bernardelli's Instagram account.

Giulia Bernardelli is a picture of unique coffee creations. She operates as a food artist, and the majority of her art pieces have been created from spilled coffee.

Giulia also uses other foods to create art pieces, but her coffee pieces are especially stunning.

After pouring some of the black coffee onto the paper, she brushes, spreads, and turns the coffee into masterpieces.

Her coffee art includes portraits, oceans, landscapes, and cityscapes. Some of her pieces also fall on the abstract side of things. She’s even created copies of renowned paintings with her coffee.

Whatever you find interesting when it comes to art, you’ll find it here. There’s something for everyone.

Giulia also has a great eye for color, with many of her pieces featuring foods and coffees of multiple colors that have been placed in the perfect eye-catching setup.

13. James Hoffmann

A screenshot of James Hoffmann's Instagram account.

James Hoffmann is one of the best influencers to follow if you are interested in learning about the process of getting coffee from bean to cup.

James is by far one of the most knowledgeable minds out there about all things coffee-related.

He’s taken the time to travel to hundreds of different places, looking at how we can improve the coffee industry.

James has shared his thoughts on farmers, coffee-growing regions, and various methods for roasting and brewing.

Dark roasted coffee beans.

His work is more on the intellectual side and less on the creative side, but this is one of the things that makes his page so interesting.

This is a fantastic page to follow if you focus more on wanting to learn rather than just looking at artsy coffees.

The best thing about this page is getting to travel with James as he goes around the world, interacting with coffee professionals all along the way.

James has an eye for detail beyond anything that I’ve seen. If you’re interested in the science of coffee, this is the place to be.

14. Cabell Tice

A screenshot of Cabell Tice's Instagram account.

Cabell Tice is a three-time latte art champion, and he is excellent at what he does. Cabell is also an excellent photographer.

You can find tons of pictures of latte art in all styles and designs on this page, as well as pictures of the coffee process from start to finish. Cabell goes outside the cafe to find the perfect angle to put the coffee on display.

Latte with heart-shaped latte art.

You can also find plenty of pictures of his many travels to various cafes around the country.

The best part of this page is the diversity of images. There’s always something new to see here.


If you’re a coffee lover, you must follow these amazing accounts!

Not only will you be able to see some of the most incredible pictures of coffee, but you’ll also get great tips and tricks on how to make your own perfect cup.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start following these awesome influencers today!

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