So, you want to have an easy way to steep your coffee and have an easy clean? You have found the right article. Let me get straight to the point, brewing coffee with a tea infuser is possible and tastes great too!

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the coffee brewed with a tea infuser. The coffee tastes a bit more shallow than other coffee brewing techniques out there, but it’s a fun and easy way to make coffee.

Let me tell you how to make Your Dream Coffee using a few different coffee brewing techniques using a tea infuser.

Why should I use a tea infuser to brew my coffee?

I can recommend using these techniques when you don’t have access to a coffee brewer, for example, when you are hiking, and you want to have a cup of joe, but only have access to a tea filter bag at that moment.

I hope these tips and tea infuser coffee brewing techniques will give you access to a great cup of coffee whenever you need it the most.

Which coffee grind will work best?

When steeping your coffee using any of the techniques I get into a bit further down, you should opt to use a coarse coffee grind, similar to a cold brew grind.

Using a finer grind will result in an over-extraction of your coffee beans, and you will be left behind with a sour-tasting cup of joe. Coffee beans that have been coarsely ground look like this:

Coffee with a tea infuser, coarsely ground coffee beans

I will give you quite a few options to try out, all using some sort of tea infuser. The coarsely ground coffee beans will be extracted the same way, with every brewing option.

What is the difference in taste compared with other brewing techniques?

Using coarsely ground coffee beans, as mentioned before, gives you a more natural coffee taste. Making coffee using the tea strainer in your teapot will give you a full-bodied coffee that tastes quite similar to a fresh brew of French press coffee.

I think that the flavors of coffee made with a tea infuser get close to the flavor profile of French press coffee. It has the same full-bodied mouthfeel because French press coffee is made almost the same way by steeping ground coffee into the water.

Using a tea infuser will bring you a bright cup of coffee, a bit more flavorful than pour-over coffee, if you ask me. Most pour-overs use a paper filter, which takes away most of the oils of the coffee.

Can you make coffee with a tea infuser?

Yes, you can make coffee with a tea infuser. You can use different tea infusers you have at home to brew some amazing coffee. For example, you can use a tea ball, tea bags, and a teapot to brew coffee.

Honestly, you can serve coffee in a teapot, and it’s a great way to show off to your friends. For this technique, you will need one of those more fancy teapots to really show off.

Your teapot will need to have a tea filter, to which you can add your ground coffee to. Start by grinding 18 grams of coffee into a coarse grind. Next up is boiling 250 grams of water and adding this to your teapot.

Place your tea filter into your teapot and add your ground coffee beans to the filter. Let your coffee steep for 5 minutes; this way, your coffee will have enough time to extract all of its delicious flavors into the water.

Can I use any other filter to brew my coffee with?

If your Chemex has given up on you and you are waiting for a new one to arrive, you can try using the filter of the Chemex to brew yourself a cup of coffee.

The best way to extract your coffee will be by placing the coffee filter in a large coffee mug, which has been filled to the top with boiled water, and adding your ground coffee beans to the coffee filter.

Now, let this steep for at least 4 minutes until removing the coffee filter. The coffee filter will extract some nice coffee oils from the coffee. Nonetheless, it will still taste like coffee, but it will result in a weaker, more watery coffee.

Don’t worry. You can always leave your coffee filter in your cup a bit longer to extract some more coffee flavors.

Make sure you are not over- extracting your coffee by leaving your coffee filter in too long. I would recommend not to get past the 8-minute mark for this brewing technique.

Making cold brew coffee using a tea bag

You can make amazing cold brew coffee using the tea filter bags. I am using these tea filter bags, which you can find on Amazon.

Using this technique of cold brew making will be great for a single serving of cold brew coffee. You will need to fill your tea filter bag with 20 grams of coarsely ground coffee beans for this technique.

Next up is tapping 200 grams of cold water into a nice cup and adding your tea filter bag with your ground coffee. Leave the teabag in the cup for up to 12 hours. You now have a great-tasting cold brew coffee.

The ease of use by adding a tea filter bag into cold water and water for a few hours is really all you need in life.

Most cold brews are made using a French press, but you will need to clean the French press after leaving it pressed down on the plunger and pouring out your cold brew coffee.

Using the tea filter bags will eliminate all the cleaning trouble. You just have to throw out the teabag now.

Using a tea ball to brew coffee

This must be the more fun way to brew coffee at home! I think everyone has one (or more) tea balls at home. Personally, I don’t use them very often as I like to use tea filter bags to brew my tea.

But, the tea ball never goes out of style. For this technique, use as much coarsely ground coffee that fits into your tea ball. There are multiple sizes out there. If you have a big tea ball for the brewing of a teapot, you will want to steep your coffee a bit longer.

I have just a single serving tea ball at home, but this works great either way. I could fit 12 grams of coffee in my tea ball.

  • Boil 250 grams of water.
  • Add your water to your favorite cup.
  • Now, put the tea ball into the cup.
  • Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes (or longer, depending on the size of your tea ball).

You now have an amazing tasting coffee using a tea ball, one of the most fun ways you can make coffee. The coffee will taste a bit more watery than you might be used to.


I must say, this was a fun article to write. The amount of great coffee I have tasted testing out all these different techniques blows my mind.

While this is not the most commonly used coffee technique, I can recommend trying it out at least once. This will be pretty nice when your favorite coffee brewer broke down on you or you feel like trying out something new.

If you want to try put some amazing coffee recipes, I’ve listed a few below for you to check out. These coffee recipes are all very unique, and I’d love for you to try them out.

Will you make coffee with a tea infuser anytime soon? Let me know by leaving a comment down below. If you have any other questions regarding coffee, you can also contact me directly by pressing the “Contact Me” button at the top!

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