Frappes—those milky, icy blended coffee concoctions have become a staple summer drink and daily pick-me-up for many.

However, with their thick, frothy texture and rich blend of flavors, unlike your average coffee drink, many wonder if Frappes actually have any caffeine.

Quick Answer: Do Frappes have caffeine?

Frappes contain caffeine. However, the amount of caffeine varies depending on the type of Frappe and can contain between 30mg and 189mg per serving.

Do Frappes Have Caffeine? (Everything You Need to Know!)

By the end of this article, you’ll know for sure if those Frappes you love are actually giving you a buzz or if it’s all just sweet, cold sensations.

Let’s break it down Frappe by Frappe and get to the bottom of their caffeine contents.

Do Frappes have caffeine?

As I’ve mentioned above, Frappes contain caffeine, but it’s hard to know exactly how much.

That is why I’ve researched the caffeine content of the two main types of Frappes: the Greek Frappe and the McDonald’s Frappe.

Homemade Greek Frappe.
Homemade Greek Frappe

Both Frappes have different flavors, textures, and ways of preparing them.

A Greek Frappe uses instant coffee, while a McDonald’s Frappe uses coffee extract, as seen on the ingredients list on their website:

The ingredients list of the caramel coffee Frappe base of McDonald's.

It is quite hard to get an exact reading of the amount of caffeine, as it can change quickly if you, for example, add a little more instant coffee to your Frappe.

Below, I’ll cover the amounts of caffeine in the two main Frappes:

How much caffeine is in a Greek Frappe?

The amount of caffeine in a Greek Frappe can vary depending on the type and amount of coffee used.

However, on average, a Greek Frappe contains about 60-120 mg of caffeine per Frappe.

Keep in mind that this will vary depending on the brand and type of instant coffee used, as well as the size and strength of the drink.

To make a delicious Greek Frappe at home, it’s best to use 2 tsp (3.5 grams) of instant coffee. This will give you the best results in terms of flavor.

Nescafe Original.

Here are the caffeine contents in a Greek Frappe using different brands:

I’ve sourced the caffeine content from the brand’s UK sites. The exact amount will likely differ from country to country, but it’s a good estimate to use.

Now, let’s have a look at the amount of caffeine in a McDonald’s Frappe:

How much caffeine is in a McDonald’s Frappe?

The caffeine content in a McDonald’s Frappe varies depending on the size and flavor of the drink.

Here is an estimation of the caffeine content in a caramel Frappe, as stated on the UK McDonald’s website:

  • According to McDonald’s, a caramel Frappe contains between 0.047g – 0.189g of caffeine per serving, which means it has between 47 and 189mg.

It’s important to note that these numbers are just estimates. The amount of caffeine may vary slightly, and there is no exact number for each drink size.

Instant coffee.

Usually, you can order three sizes of the Frappe, which could mean that the small Frappe has 47mg of caffeine, while the biggest size has 189mg of caffeine.

The amount of caffeine in the medium-sized Frappe is unknown, but I’d estimate it has 90-120mg of caffeine.

Which has more caffeine, a Frappe or coffee?

It depends on the specific Frappe and coffee drinks being compared. Coffee tends to have more caffeine per serving than a Frappe.

An 8-ounce (237ml) cup of coffee has between 80-100mg of caffeine.

Compared to the instant coffee brands, a Frappe made with Douwe Egberts instant coffee will have more caffeine, while the Nescafe version will have less.

If you order a large McDonald’s Frappe, you’ll double the caffeine in a regular cup of coffee.

A jar of Douwe Egbert instant coffee.

So, depending on your taste, regular coffee might be less caffeinated than a Frappe.


In conclusion, Frappes can be a delicious and refreshing treat.

While some may assume that all Frappes contain high levels of caffeine due to their association with coffee, this is not always the case.

As we have explored, various factors can influence the amount of caffeine in a Frappe – from the type of coffee used to the size and ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for an extra energy boost or want something cold and flavorful on a hot day, plenty of options are available to suit your needs.

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