I must admit that I’m usually good for a few hours after one cup of coffee in the morning.

This isn’t the case for everyone, of course, but it’s definitely common for many not to want to make an entire pot of coffee every morning.

That’s why single-serve coffee makers exist on the market!

Some of the best single-serve coffee makers are the Keurig K-Cafe Smart Serve, the Grosche Milano Espresso maker, and the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew. Their features allow for convenient, quick coffee brewing for a single person and produce delicious cups of joe to brighten up those early mornings.

Different people prefer different types of coffee, so this article will explore various coffee-making styles that are ideal for a single serving.

I’ll also provide an overview of the 15 best single-serve coffee makers on the market today.

Keep reading to find out which single-serve coffee maker is the best for you!

The best single-serve coffee makers: an overview

There are a number of excellent single-serve coffee makers available for purchase, and each has unique design features.

Let’s go through an overview of the 15 best single-serve coffee makers on Amazon.com.

1. Keurig K-Cafe Smart Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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07/16/2024 11:08 pm GMT

The Keurig K-Cafe drip coffee maker is a single-serve machine that can connect to your home’s WiFi to act as your very own ‘smart’ coffee maker!

Right from your phone, you can program your machine to pour your favorite caffeinated beverage whenever you want it. You can choose between a regular coffee, cappuccino, or latte.

The machine lets you choose between four brew sizes and includes a milk frother.

The Keurig app offers a variety of recipes and menus.The Keurig K-Cafe takes a long time to identify K-pods that are generic or from a different brand other than Keurig.

2. Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

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07/16/2024 11:08 pm GMT

The Hario V60 is a simple (but fragile) coffee dripper that can make as many cups as you want as long as you grind up the correct amount of coffee beans.

It works the same way pour over coffee works. You just place the Hario V60 over your mug and brew your coffee directly without making additional messes.

Unlike other products on this list, the Hario V60 isn’t automated, but manually preparing your own coffee gives you a degree of control no machine can.

The Hario coffee dripper is one ceramic piece of equipment that is easily stored and packed away to bring on trips.The ceramic can be quite fragile and easily damaged if dropped.

3. Grosche Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker

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02/19/2024 02:00 pm GMT

The Grosche Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker is a cute stovetop coffee maker that’s perfect for a single-serving cup of joe.

It comes in various sizes, meaning you can purchase one for single servings or an espresso maker that can make up to 12 cups of coffee!

It also comes in an assortment of fun colors to choose from.

It’s very easy to clean and can brew several servings if needed.This espresso maker can prove challenging to screw together, causing it to sometimes leak from the waist.

4. L’OR Barista System Coffee and Espresso Machine

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07/16/2024 11:08 pm GMT

This coffee and espresso machine is elegant, modern, and efficient. You can brew coffee using pods or pour yourself an espresso with this dual-action coffee maker.

This machine comes from France and offers excellent espresso in several serving sizes, depending on how big or small you want your single-serve coffee to be.

This coffee maker always pours a thick layer of crema (foamy cream) on top of your espresso.L’OR coffee can be considered weaker by those who prefer very strong black coffee.

5. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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07/16/2024 11:08 pm GMT

This standard single-serve coffee maker is reliable and easy to use. It uses Hamilton Beach coffee pods to pour a single, ten-ounce (296 ml) beverage if using pods.

If you use a travel mug and your own coffee grounds, it can brew up to 14 oz (414 ml).

This is a simple machine that doesn’t have anything fancy or exquisite. It just makes you a steaming cuppa,’ just as it should be!

It brews a delicious cup of joe in just three minutes.Certain K-cups penetrate the coffee filter, creating a hole and leaking excess grounds into your mug.

6. AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Kit

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07/16/2024 11:11 pm GMT

This AeroPress Portable Travel coffee maker is extremely convenient to use for those who enjoy traveling, camping, and hiking.

All you need to do is add water and coffee grounds, let it sit for a few minutes, and then slowly press down on the lid, similar to a French press.

The compression will leave you with a yummy, rich mug for a cool morning in the mountains.

You can drink your coffee straight from the travel mug, so you don’t have to worry about packing a mug with you.

In just one minute, it will brew a delicious cup of joe or a few espresso shots for your busy mornings.Occasionally, the plunger may be hard to press, making it challenging to press it into your coffee grounds.

7. Rainbean Mini French Press Coffee Maker

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07/16/2024 11:09 pm GMT

The Rainbean Mini French Press is a lovely French press that can make a minimum of one cup of coffee in just a few minutes.

With stainless steel parts, the Rainbean is easy to take apart and clean after use.

The machine also comes with a number of accessories that make getting your coffee ready easy, such as a coffee scoop and a cleaning brush.

The Rainbean’s impenetrable filter prevents any excessive grains from escaping into your coffee.The French press is not made using tempered glass, so it is more fragile than other coffee makers.

8. Bella Dual Brew Single Serve Coffee Maker

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07/16/2024 11:09 pm GMT

The Bella Dual Brew is a retro-looking single-serve coffee maker that can use ground coffee or K-pods to make a full-bodied beverage.

It’s also equipped with an automatic shut-off feature and is very simple to use.

Instead of being swarmed with buttons, flashing lights, or crazy features, it has a single On button.

The machine is made of plastic and comes in many fun colors.

It has a serving capacity of up to 14 oz (414 ml).

It has an adjustable drip tray, so it can accommodate larger mugs.The machine seems to have an issue with the lid not closing correctly, but this doesn’t interfere with its brewing capacity.

9. Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker

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07/16/2024 11:09 pm GMT

Cuisinart is a well-known brand that produces lots of kitchen equipment, including this single-serve coffee maker!

This machine is slightly heavier than the other coffee makers I’ve discussed so far, and that’s because it holds a 72-ounce (2.13-liter) water reservoir.

It can produce a lot of single servings without you need to worry about refilling it with water or coffee grounds. Brewing coffee doesn’t get easier than this!

The purchase also comes with a coffee filter that should be used during brewing.

This machine uses both coffee pods and coffee grounds to brew a delicious cup of joe.The machine is a lot larger and heavier than other single-serve makers.

10. Jura Capresso Nordic ENA4

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07/16/2024 11:09 pm GMT

If you’re looking to buy an excellent coffee maker and have the funds to splurge, the Jura Capresso Nordic maker is one of a kind.

This stainless steel espresso machine has a removable water tank for easy cleaning.

Most Jura customers are regulars, using this espresso machine for years before needing to replace it with a new one.

This machine grinds and brews your coffee beans in one place.Occasionally, the machine will let coffee grounds slip through the filter.

11. BCS Copper Turkish Coffee Pot

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07/16/2024 11:09 pm GMT

This BCS Turkish coffee pot is a uniquely designed coffee pot that is perfect for a single serving of Turkish coffee made over the stovetop.

If you’re from Turkey or have tried Turkish coffee, you know that it is delicious and one of the most accessible types of coffee to make.

While it’s ideal to have a Turkish coffee pot, Turkish coffee can be made in any stovetop-safe pot.

This BCS Copper coffee pot is just the right size for a single serving of coffee.Making Turkish coffee is a fully immersive experience, so this isn’t a great option for those who can’t supervise their coffee over the stovetop.

12. Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee and Espresso Maker

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07/16/2024 11:11 pm GMT

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee and Espresso Maker makes single-serve coffee and espresso of varying sizes in just a few simple steps.

It’s a ‘smart’ espresso machine, meaning it can connect to your wireless network at the home or office, as well as to your smartphone, for automatic programming at your fingertips.

This machine can make various coffee sizes, from espresso to a carafe of coffee.After extended use, this coffee maker may experience some leakage.

13. NutriBullet Brew Choice Pod + Carafe

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The Nutribullet brew pod is a cute, compact coffee machine that brews either K-pods or ground coffee into a carafe.

It also comes with a small platform for single-serve brewing. All you have to do is put your mug on top of the platform to brew directly into it.

It’s got an LED display and comes with a unit base, nylon filter, and glass carafe. The carafe and water reservoir can be either hand-washed or washed in the dishwasher.

The NutriBullet comes with a 1-year warranty in case anything malfunctions.The bottom of the machine is prone to leakage.

14. Instant Pod, 3-in-1 Espresso, K-Cup Pod & Coffee Maker

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This machine makes three types of coffee: espresso, Nespresso coffee pods, and brewed coffee.

This makes it a very convenient and fun machine to own. It’s also programmable, which makes regular brewing easier.

The Instand Pod is a compact machine perfect for small spaces, but it can be adjusted to accommodate travel mugs.

This machine comes with pods that can be dropped into the water tank for easy cleaning.Too many bells and whistles can cause technical problems and glitches.

15. Coffee Gater Espresso Machine

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07/16/2024 11:11 pm GMT

The Coffee Gater Espresso is an awesome machine that brews K-pods or coffee grounds to make delicious, creamy espresso.

The coffee maker brews your desired beverage in 60 seconds, which is a lifesaver if you need your espresso in a pinch!

Designed in Italy, the Coffee Gater produces a foamy layer of crema for an authentic espresso experience.

This machine has a frother attached, so you can froth milk for a latte or cappuccino.This machine isn’t the most intuitive to use, but it comes with a troubleshooting manual for any hiccups.

How do you pick the right single-serve coffee maker?

Picking the right single-serve coffee maker can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to coffee or brewing at home.

The main thing to consider is how you prefer to make your coffee. There are various styles of coffee brewing, such as Turkish, pour over, drip, French press, or espresso.

Some of these methods can brew automatically without the need for you to supervise the process.

Nespresso Americano, ready to drink.

Others, on the other hand, need you to keep a careful watch as the process requires some specific techniques.

In order to pick the best single-serve coffee maker for yourself, you should consider the brewing styles and how you like to enjoy coffee.

For example, if you usually make coffee while you’re running out the door for work in the morning, an automatic, programmable machine might be your best option.

However, if you enjoy making specialized beverages for friends, family, or guests, you may consider purchasing a French press or stovetop Moka pot for the best-tasting coffee.

"First brewing stage of Moka pot."

Similarly, a portable coffee maker is a great option for those who plan to camp or hike and need a way to brew their favorite pick-me-up in the morning.

If you’re purchasing a machine for the office, perhaps you’d like one with multiple features.

Let’s explore the five styles of coffee brewing to figure out which one is best for you.

5 styles of coffee brewing

Most of these coffee brewing methods have been around for centuries, originating in Turkey in the 16th century.

I’ll start, then, by examining Turkish coffee and how it is brewed in a pour over style.

Then, I’ll move on to the other, more Western brewing methods.

If you have a grinder and want to know more about the best grind size for each brewing style, check out this article.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is a customary tradition in Turkey and is one of the easiest types of coffee to make. To start, you’ll need ground coffee (finely ground), cold water, and sugar.

To make Turkish coffee, combine all your ingredients into a pot and put it on the stove on medium heat.

Bring the mixture to a boil, which should take about four minutes. After this time, a thick, creamy foam will appear on your mixture.

Transfer some foam from the pot into your mug.

Continue to boil the coffee for another 30 seconds maximum, then remove the pot from the stove and pour the rest into your glass. It’s truly as easy as that!

If you’re interested in making Turkish coffee, all you need is a pot that’s safe to use on the stovetop and your ingredients.

Pour over coffee

Pour over coffee works by continuously saturating the coffee grounds for the whole brewing cycle.

You’ll pour water over the grinds slowly in a spiraling, circular motion. The water extracts the compounds from the coffee grounds as it steeps and pours into your mug or a coffee pot.

Stirring Hario V60 brew.

The pour over coffee method is one that requires careful supervision, especially because it won’t brew unless you’re pouring the water.

If you’re looking for a machine that will brew automatically in a matter of minutes, the pour over style isn’t for you.

The best single-serve pour over coffee maker

If you are looking for a brewing method that is more intimate and hands-on, the pour over method is perfect.

The Hario V60 Coffee Dripper is an excellent option because you can place it directly over your mug and brew your coffee without needing to transfer it from a pot.

Plastic Hario V60.
A plastic Hario V60

Just make sure that you grind the correct amount of coffee beans into your filter and use the right amount of water for a single serving.

This article highlights the specifics of pour over coffee in detail.

Drip coffee

Drip coffee is your standard, automatic brewing method that involves placing ground-up coffee beans into a filter, filling up a water tank, and pressing ‘start.’

It is the classic style of coffee that most adults in large families use because you can make a whole pot in a little less than ten minutes.

The best single-serve drip coffee maker

While drip coffee is most commonly used for more than a single serving of coffee, there are still various drip coffee makers that allow for a single serving.

The Capresso Nordic, Cuisinart Single Serve, Bella, and Hamilton Beach coffee makers in the above list are all excellent drip-coffee method machines.

Essentially, drip coffee is pour over coffee automated.

You place the coffee grounds in a filter basket, and once you press start, the machine automatically filters water through the basket to saturate the grounds.

French press coffee

The French press coffee is a popular way to brew coffee, originating from France and Italy.

It involves using a plunger to compact the coffee grounds with water to extract the coffee compounds. The result is a creamy, delicious cup of joe.

"Adding the plunger to the French press beaker."

Depending on the size of the French press and the amount of coffee grounds, this brewing method will make one to two servings.

French press coffee is excellent for the solo traveler or the solo coffee drinker of the family.

It takes only a few minutes, so it’s a quick option to add to your morning routine.

The best single-serve French press

The Rainbean is a great French press coffee maker. You can also use an AeroPress, as they work in a similar way and make one to two servings in a few minutes.

They are also easily packed and stored away because of how small they are. The AeroPress is a plastic coffee maker, so it’s less fragile.

The Rainbean, although slightly more fragile than the AeroPress, is also small and portable. Check out this article for a thorough guide on how to use a French press.


Espresso isn’t quite the same as brewed coffee. It’s stronger and much more concentrated, and it’s poured into shots.

These shots can be consumed on their own or mixed with brewed coffee for an extra ‘oomph.’

Some fancy espresso machines also act as coffee makers, and others are dedicated solely to this viscous, bitter beverage.

An espresso shot as seen from above.

Espresso shots are ideal for preparing lattes, cappuccinos, and other coffee beverages.

It can also be sipped during breakfast with a sweet scone or cinnamon bun for a decadent morning meal.

The best single-serve espresso

If you like espresso, the Jura coffee maker and the LOR Barista system are your best options.

Both are impressive machines. The Jura coffee maker is an excellent, single-serve espresso maker, and the LOR Barista system can make both espresso and coffee using K-pods.

You can also use a stovetop espresso machine like the Grosche Milano Stovetop coffee maker to make fresh espresso-like coffee.

You simply use espresso powder in the grounds basket instead of coffee grounds.

This works because the stovetop coffee maker only takes one serving of coffee grounds at a time.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there is a variety of excellent coffee makers that can make a single cup of coffee, including the Keurig K-Cafe Smart Serve and Cuisinart Single-Serve coffee maker.

Some can make a single cup of brewed coffee or a single espresso shot, each with unique features.

I hope you feel confident enough to choose the right coffee maker for you, no matter what brewing method you prefer.

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