Only Open Coffee Bags Like This (Important!)

By: Jeffrey September 25, 2023

You'll learn the best ways to open and close a bag of coffee beans (using different variants) to ensure you keep your beans fresh!


What you'll learn:


Closed bag of coffee

A closed bag of coffee beans can be torn open using the zipper provided.

Resealing zipper bag

Resealing the opened bag of coffee beans using the zipper is easy. Simply press down on it until it's fully closed.

The valve

The one-way valve, seen from the outside, keeps oxygen out and keeps your beans fresher for longer!

Tin tie coffee bag

When you have a coffee bag with a tin tie, you must cut open the top using scissors.

Closing this coffee bag

When closing a tin tie coffee bag,  press the air out and tightly squeeze the tin tie around the edges of the coffee bag.

Store in a container

If you don't want to use the coffee bag after opening, use a resealable container instead, such as a mason jar!

Use a smaller container

Use a smaller container if you have less coffee beans (or ground coffee) for optimal freshness.

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