How to Make Vanilla Iced Coffee

By: Jeffrey September 22, 2021

You'll learn how to make vanilla iced coffee. This iced coffee can be made within just five minutes and tastes fantastic!


What you'll learn:


Ingredients used in this recipe:

1. Coffee beans of choice 2. Boiling water 3. Vanilla syrup 4. Ice cubes



1. Make vanilla syrup

For this recipe, you'll need vanilla syrup. You can easily make it at home, or use a store-bought version instead.

2. Choose coffee beans

Then, choose your favorite coffee beans and think about the brewing technique you'll use.

3. Grind the coffee beans

Grind the coffee beans into a grind size that suits your brewing technique. You can use a Chemex, Hario V60, or French press.

4. Brew the coffee

Brew the coffee, and once brewed, let it cool completely. You can add a few ice cubes or chill the coffee in the fridge overnight.

5. Add vanilla syrup

It's time to assemble the drink. Start with two tablespoons of vanilla syrup in a tall glass.

6. Add ice cubes

Add ice cubes to the vanilla syrup-filled glass. Make sure to add enough for that refreshing touch.

7. Add brewed coffee

Add your brewed, cooled coffee to the ice-filled glass. You can give it a quick stir if you want.

8. Serve the coffee

You've now made vanilla iced coffee at home. Serve it with a straw or stir the coffee beforehand. Enjoy!

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