July 25, 2021

How to Make a Spanish Latte Cold Brew

By Jeffrey

I'll guide you through a very easy Spanish latte cold brew recipe. You'll learn all the steps involved in making this drink. After that, you can make this amazing drink yourself!


What you'll learn


Ingredients needed

- 2% fat milk to make cold foam - Cold brew coffee - Condensed milk or simple syrup - Ice cubes

1. Add condensed milk

Add condensed milk or simple syrup to a tall glass of choice. This is the sweetener for this drink.

2. Add ice cubes

Add enough ice cubes to the glass to fill it to about halfway. This will ensure that the coffee is cooled completely.

3. Add cold brew coffee

Slowly pour in the cold brew coffee. Optionally, you can give this a stir so the flavors are combined.

4. Add cold foam

Top the drink with cold foam. By adding it slowly, you'll get a nice even layer of foam on your drink.

Check out the full recipe by swiping up! There, you'll find even more information about this drink, and a recipe card that will help you make this delicious cold brew coffee at home!

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