How to Make Proffee

By: Jeffrey September 24, 2021

You'll learn how to make Proffee at home. This protein coffee is excellent to make right before or after a great workout.


What you'll learn:


Ingredients used in this recipe:

1. Single or double espresso shot 2. Protein shake 3. Ice cubes 4. Optionally, a sweetener



1. Protein shake

For this recipe, you'll need a protein shake. You can make it at home or use a store-bought version.

2. Choose your beans

Choose your favorite coffee beans to make that fantastic espresso coffee at home!

3. Grind the coffee beans

Grind the coffee beans into a grind size that suits your coffee brewer.

4. Brew espresso coffee

Brew a single or double espresso shot. You can use any brewing technique you like the most. Cool the espresso slightly.

5. Add ice cubes

Add a handful of ice cubes to a glass of choice. You can add a sweetener now if you want to.

6. Add protein shake

Add the protein shake to the ice-filled glass. Give it a quick stir, so the drink is nicely cooled.

7. Add espresso coffee

Add your freshly brewed and cooled espresso coffee to the glass. Give it a stir and enjoy your Proffee!

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