July 7, 2021

How To Make COLD FOAM 5 ways

By Jeffrey

1. Using a blender

You can easily use a blender to make cold foam at home. Simply add your desired milk to the blender and slowly increase to full speed. Keep blending until foamy and fluffy.

2. Using a handheld mixer

You can also make cold foam with a handheld mixer. Add the amount of milk needed to a bowl and increase the speed of the handheld mixer until fluffy.

3. Using a milk frother

Out of the 5 techniques, this is the easiest. Simply pour the amount of milk into a milk frother of choice, and put it on the cold foam setting. Once finished, you can use it.

4. Using a French press

The next way to make cold foam is with a French press. Add the cold milk to the beaker and place the plunger on top. Press up and down, until the milk is foamed!

5. Using a (mason) jar

The last technique is using a resealable jar, like a mason jar to make your cold foam. Add the cold milk to the jar and vigorously shake the jar until fully fluffed!

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