How to Make an Iced Strawberry Latte

By: Jeffrey August 21, 2021

You'll learn how to make an iced strawberry latte at home easily. You can make this recipe within minutes, so it's perfect for the summer!


What you'll learn:


Ingredients used in this recipe:

1. Whole milk 2. Espresso coffee 3. Strawberry sauce 4. Whipped cream 5. Ice cubes



1. Add strawberry sauce

Start by adding strawberry sauce to the bottom of a tall glass.

2. Add ice cubes

Add enough ice cubes to the glass to cool your drink completely. I've filled it to about halfway.

3. Pour in whole milk

Slowly pour in the whole milk. If you go slowly, you'll keep those cool layers intact.

4. Add espresso coffee

Slowly pour the cooled espresso coffee into the glass. You'll see these amazing layers forming.

5. Adding whipped cream

Optionally, finish the drink with a generous serving of whipped cream. Enjoy your iced strawberry latte!

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