How to Make an Iced Cappuccino

By: Jeffrey September 30, 2021

You'll learn how to make an iced cappuccino today. This take on the classic is refreshing and easy to make!


What you'll learn:


Ingredients used in this recipe:

1. Single or double espresso shot 2. 2% fat milk 3. Ice cubes 4. Optionally, a sweetener



1. Choose coffee beans

Choose your favorite coffee beans to use. I recommend a dark roast for the most potent coffee.

2. Grind the coffee beans

Grind the coffee beans into a grind size that suits the coffee brewer you'll be using.

3. Brew the espresso

Brew the single or double espresso shot. If you prefer a more robust cup of coffee, I suggest using a double shot.

4. Cold foam the milk

After brewing the espresso, let it cool. Meanwhile, cold foam the milk.

5. Add ice cubes

Add a handful of ice cubes to a nice glass.

6. Add the cold foam

Add the cold foam to the ice-filled glass. Let the milk sit for just a bit for better layers.

7. Add espresso coffee

Slowly pour in the cooled espresso coffee. You can give this a quick stir and add a sweetener if you like. Enjoy!

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