July 10, 2021

How to Make a Spanish Latte at Home

By Jeffrey

Espresso coffee

Milk of choice (I used 2% fat milk)

Optional: Condensed milk

Optional: White granulated sugar


1. Brew espresso coffee

Brew one or two shots of espresso to make this Spanish latte. You can use an AeroPress, Moka pot, or espresso machine.

2. Scald your milk

Slowly heat the milk of choice until pretty hot, but not boiling. You can also froth your milk, just like I did here.

3. Add espresso to a glass

After preparing the espresso coffee, it's time to assemble the drink. In a tall glass, pour in the espresso coffee.

4. Add milk to the glass

Slowly pour the scalded milk on top. If you want a bit of texture, make sure to foam the milk a bit.

5. Add a sweetener

Next up is sweetening your Spanish latte. You can use white granulated sugar or condensed milk for this.

6. Enjoy your drink!

After making your Spanish latte, make sure to drink it as soon as possible for the most amazing drinking experience.

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