How to Make a Cold Brew Latte

By: Jeffrey September 20, 2021

You'll learn how to make a cold brew latte. You can make this recipe within minutes after you've made a batch of cold brew coffee beforehand.


What you'll learn:


Ingredients used in this recipe:

1. Dark roasted coffee beans 2. Cold tap water 3. Low-fat milk 4. Ice cubes



1. Make cold brew coffee

Prepare the cold brew coffee. Mix coarsely ground coffee beans and cold tap water in a large mug or French press.

2. Steep the cold brew

Cover and steep the cold brew coffee for 14 hours. After steeping, you can filter it and use it for this recipe.

3. Make cold foam

Prepare your cold foam using a milk frother, or another technique.

4. Add ice cubes

Fill a glass with ice cubes. Make sure you add enough ice cubes for that refreshing touch.

5. Add cold brew

Add your freshly steeped and filtered cold brew coffee to the ice-filled glass.

6. Add cold foam

Add the cold foam to the cold brew coffee.

7. Serve the coffee

Add a straw and serve your homemade cold brew latte. Enjoy!

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