Beginner’s Guide to Brewing Coffee With a French Press

By: Jeffrey September 8, 2021

You'll learn how to brew coffee with the French press. The French press makes robust coffee, which is just awesome!


What you'll learn:


Equipment used in this recipe:

1. Coffee beans of choice 2. A French press 3. Boiling water



1. Choose coffee beans

Choose the coffee beans you love the most. I recommend a medium to dark roast for this brewing technique.

2. Grind the coffee beans

Grind the coffee beans of choice into a coarse grind size. Have a look at the photo for the grind size I like to use.

3. Add coffee to beaker

Add your freshly ground coffee beans to the beaker of the French press.

4. Bloom the coffee

Bloom the coffee by pouring 1/4 of the total water on top of the coffee grounds. Let it sit for 30 seconds before moving on.

5. Add remaining water

Add the remaining water to finish your French press brew.

6. Add the plunger

Add the plunger to the French press beaker. Don't press just yet. Leave the coffee to steep for 4 to 5 minutes.

7. Press down

Slowly press the plunger into the French press beaker. Take about 30 seconds to press down for a cleaner cup of coffee.

8. Pour the coffee

Pour the coffee into a cup of choice and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee!

Want to learn more?

Swipe up if you want an in-depth look at the best grind size to use, steeping times, and much more!