Beginner’s Guide to Brewing Coffee With an AeroPress

By: Jeffrey September 13, 2021

You'll learn how to brew coffee with an AeroPress. This coffee brewer makes amazing espresso-like coffee!


What you'll learn:


Equipment used in this recipe:

1. Coffee beans of choice 2. An AeroPress and its equipment 3. Boiling water



1. Choose coffee beans

Choose your favorite coffee beans. I recommend a medium or dark roast for this brewing technique.

2. Grind the coffee beans

Grind your coffee beans into a fine to medium grind size. The grind size I like to use looks like this:

3. Add filter

Add a coffee filter to the filter cap of your AeroPress.

4. Add filter cap

Add the filter cap to the bottom of the AeroPress cylinder. Make sure it's tightened correctly.

5. Add ground coffee

Flip the AeroPress and place it on a mug of choice. Add the ground coffee into the cylinder.

6. Add boiling water

Add the boiling water to the AeroPress and start the blooming process.

7. Stir the coffee

Stir the coffee with the stirring wand for 10 seconds before moving on.

8. Add the plunger

After stirring for 10 seconds, remove the stirring wand. Add the plunger and press down. 

9. Finish your coffee

Your freshly brewed coffee is now finished. You can make an Americano with it, use it in many recipes, or drink it as is.

10. Clean the AeroPress

Don't forget to clean your AeroPress right after use.

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